GdPicture.NET Ultimate = Fantastic

Let know to others if you liked or not GdPicture Imaging SDK Softwares.
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GdPicture.NET Ultimate = Fantastic

Post by dreynolds » Fri Dec 11, 2009 11:02 pm

I work for Stratix Systems based in Wyomissing, PA (USA). We specialize in printers/scanners, and document managment solutions utilizing SharePoint and various other technologies. Our clients often need solutions to add barcodes to their print, to read barcodes from scans, to perform lookups based on the barcodes read, and to store the documents with the lookup information. Often complex workflows are involved.

I spent several months downloading trial sdks, utility apps, etc. None of the utility apps were flexible enough to meet our needs. Several of the SDKs were suitable, but none of them were as fast and accurate and reliable as GdPicture.NET. In addition I couldn't find another SDK out there that wasn't licensed by server or desktop or client. The costs were often in the $10-15k per server range. At a one-time cost of $1300 for unlimited apps on unlimited servers, this product is an absolute STEAL! The support and rapid turnaround for fixes is also unbelievable.

One client in particular went from a $10k/server product that had a 2-3% fail rate with the potential for GBs of lost scans and cost the client 30 hours in scanning and document processing time per week... to a custom VB.NET app using GdPicture.NET that does the same work in 4 hours with 0% fail rate and no chance for lost scans. They went from 2 minutes per scan processing time to an average of 15 seconds per scan processing time (for 1000s of scans per week) from raw JPGs to multipage searchable PDF-A and barcode based lookup info stored in SharePoint! GdPicture.NET also saves them 90% storage space because it is able to read barcodes from JPG where the other product (any many others out there) only process barcodes from large TIF files.

I would highly recommend to anyone in need of imaging, barcode, and OCR .NET components.
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Re: GdPicture.NET Ultimate = Fantastic

Post by Loïc » Sat Dec 12, 2009 11:14 am

Hi Don,

Thank you very very much for this feedback. I am happy to see that our technologies brought stability on your applications. Today, stable SDKs are our main priority next to performances & features.



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