How to close a file displqayed with gdViewer

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How to close a file displqayed with gdViewer

Post by Mannemer » Thu Jan 27, 2011 3:39 pm


I want to display images or pdfs in my program. Because I only want to show them, I use the gdViewer-object.
The loading with
Get ComDisplayFromFile of oComGdViewer1 "C:\~Scan\@scan.jpg" to iOK
or Get ComDisplayFromPdfFile of oComGdViewer1 "C:\~Scan\~Probe.pdf" "" to iOK
doesn't cause any problems.

But what I need ist the right way to close the files, so they aren't locked in my system.

I've tried the
Send ComClear of oComGdViewer1
but this causes a black viewer-object and if I move the scrollbars, the image is shown again and opened.

I've looked in the big documentation, but I haven't found the right command.

I hove, someone of you can give me the missing command.


PS: Don't wonder about the stange syntax of my program. It is programmes with Visual Dataflex.

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Re: How to close a file displqayed with gdViewer

Post by Loïc » Thu Jan 27, 2011 6:22 pm


You should try ComCloseImage

Kind regards,


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