Fastest Possible Image Loading

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Fastest Possible Image Loading

Post by payne296 » Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:47 pm

Hey all,

I currently maintain some software that leverages GdPicture's TWAIN acquisition and GdViewer functionalities. I acquire each image from the TWAIN device, then temporarily load it into the GdViewer as a sort of preview.

The issue I'm currently having is that for color document acquisition, the GdViewer.DisplayFromGdPictureImage(gdPictureFromScanner) call is taking a little too long. When using a feed scanner, the delay caused during the loading process ends up slowing down everything enough to actually limit the rate at which the scanner can acquire images.

However, since these images are "preview" images I do not care about their quality at all, which means I should have some room for performance enhancement. I've tried to hasten the loading process by setting the GdViewer's DisplayQuality to DisplayQuality.DisplayQualityLow and OptimizeDrawingSpeed to true. These have helped a little, but not quite enough.

I also considered converting color images to black and white using ConvertTo1Bpp on a clone of the image, but the image conversion process slows it down as well.

Has anybody done anything like this, and if so, what is the quickest possible way I can load a color GdPictureImage into a GdViewer?


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Re: Fastest Possible Image Loading

Post by Loïc » Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:25 pm


Displaying an image from a GdPicture image stored in memory if the fastest way possible to render it.
In Win7, you can expect 15-30% of perf. increasing compared to previous version.

Kind regards,


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