Printing a PDF file to "PDF Printer"

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Printing a PDF file to "PDF Printer"

Post by sridharr » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:29 pm


I have a question. I have to load a PDF document in viewer and print the document to a PDF printer. The output should be extractable, i.e. should be text not image.

In detail;
1. PDF document A.pdf exists in PC. The content of this file is in text format i.e. I can open the file in Acrobat DC, select a part of the content, copy and paste into notepad as text.
2. I load this file into GDViewer.
3. I have Microsoft Print to PDF and another third party PDF printer installed on the PC.
4. I print the document from GDViewer. Select Microsoft/3rd party PDF printer and provide file name B.pdf.
5. I would like to open B.pdf in Acrobat reader, select, copy and paste to notepad. But I could not do this as entire content of B.pdf is in image format.

Can this be done?

I will be using a Windows Forms application developed in C# VS 2019.

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Re: Printing a PDF file to "PDF Printer"

Post by Fabio » Thu Aug 27, 2020 5:16 pm


For answers to your question:
- GdPicture can open .txt files and you will be able to select text
- GdPicture will detect the printer and you will be able to print your document
- To set the file's name, you'll need to make a custom development at the save.
- If you save your .txt file as a PDF, you will be able to select the text

Just to let you know, even if you have an image, DocuVieware can make it selectionnable by using our OCR engine. It is one of the powerfulest on the market.
OCR will scan your image, recognize and extract the text; you can test it on your local machine here: C:\GdPicture.NET 14\Samples\WinForm\C#\OCR

Fabio de Rose
Solution Enginer

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