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OMR template

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 8:11 am
by rhwang46
After I specified the anchor point and OMR fields by using the GDViewer, could I save the information as a template file so the application could just load the finished template file and starts to process the filled without having to setup the template again?

Re: OMR template

Posted: Fri Oct 16, 2015 4:50 pm
by Loïc

No, template must be recreated from the input image before starting. A common way consists to save into a stream a copy of the image roi in png format.

Please let me know if you need further information.

With best regards,


Re: OMR template

Posted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 3:16 am
by rhwang46
In order to acquire the OMR data from the filled form, I have to embed the coordinates of the OMR boxes and the anchor points in my code if I could not embed these information in the template to be retrieved later on, am I right? I am currently evaluating other similar SDKs which store these information inside the template, so I just need to load a saved template to know all the necessary and crucial information to be used to acquire the data from the filled forms. Besides this small inconvenience, gdpitcure is a very good sdk.