Deleting Page Not Reflected in Pagination

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Deleting Page Not Reflected in Pagination

Post by PerryB » Thu Oct 31, 2019 6:26 pm

We are loading multi-page Tiff files from a database so they can be edited in a Docuvieware viewer. We have a custom button (with server side code) to allow the user to delete a single page of the file and this works fine but after deleting the page the viewer doesn't update the page number in the viewer's pagination control. It would still show as having four pages instead of three as in the following screen print.

Pagination.png (5.31 KiB) Viewed 2682 times
If we save or print this file we only get the three pages, its just that the incorrect number is showing in the viewer.

As an example, if we load a four page tiff and then delete a page using the code below, the page is removed from the file but the viewer still shows the number 4 in the pagination control. If you page through using these pagination controls you can only see the three remaining pages but even the little overlay telling you what page you are on shows there are four pages (i.e. "Page 4 of 4"). Is there a method we're supposed to call in order to refresh this number/control?

Here is our code for deleting a page (ASP.NET using VB):

Code: Select all

    Private Sub DeletePageButton_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles DeletePageButton.Click

        Using gdP As GdPictureImaging = New GdPictureImaging()
            Dim imageID As Integer
            Dim iStatus As GdPictureStatus = Docuvieware1.GetNativeImage(imageID)

            If (iStatus = GdPictureStatus.OK) Then
                Dim ObjGDPImaging As GdPictureImaging = New GdPictureImaging()
                ObjGDPImaging.TiffDeletePage(imageID, ObjGDPImaging.TiffGetCurrentPage(imageID))
            End If
        End Using
    End Sub
I've seen in another post here on this forum where it was stated that the RedrawPages() method should be called but we've tried that with no change.


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Re: Deleting Page Not Reflected in Pagination

Post by loicaigon » Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:56 pm


Thanks for letting us know. I am communicating this to the dev team !

Best regards,

Loic Aigon

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