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Strange exceptions on versions > 14.1.72

Posted: Thu Jul 08, 2021 11:43 pm
by Macedot
Hi guys, hope you are dong great.

We've been using GdPicture at our company since version 5 or 9, integrating our C++ Win32 solutions by using COM Interop. Since GdPicture.NET version 10, we were able to create a C++ DLL that integrates with GdPicture.NET without MFC dependency, basically by using the #import directive (MSVC) with the TLB file and by using some "typedefs"/"using" directives to simplify callings on GDP namespace, and it has been working so far. Our solution currently deploys with version 14.1.72.

Code: Select all

#import "GdPicture.NET.14.tlb" named_guids raw_interfaces_only rename("DrawText","DrawTextX") rename("GetObject","GetObjectX")

#define  GDP_NAME_SPACE  GdPicture_NET_14
#define  GDP_MGR_PTR     GDP_NAME_SPACE::ILicenseManagerPtr
#define  GDP_IMG_PTR     GDP_NAME_SPACE::IGdPictureImagingPtr
#define  GDP_PDF_PTR     GDP_NAME_SPACE::IGdPicturePDFPtr

// License
#define  GDP_LIC_MGR   GDP_NAME_SPACE::CLSID_LicenseManager
#define  GDP_LIC_MGR2  GDP_NAME_SPACE::_LicenseManager

// Imaging
#define  GDP_IMAGING   GDP_NAME_SPACE::CLSID_GdPictureImaging

// PDF
#define  GDP_PDF       GDP_NAME_SPACE::CLSID_GdPicturePDF
(rename is required due some weird name collision somewhere...)

Since at least version 14.1.117 we observe some obscure exceptions when calling some GDP core functions (can provide some example code if needed, but I want to emphasize that it has been working for quite a while) as simple as creating an instance of LicenseManager (GdPicture_NET_14::ILicenseManagerPtr) or GdPictureImaging (GdPicture_NET_14::IGdPictureImagingPtr).

Our update cycle on clients is quite long and we've been missing some updates on GDP for a while... Did anything changed on versions > 14.1.72 that could affect the COM interop?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Strange exceptions on versions > 14.1.72

Posted: Fri Jul 09, 2021 2:18 pm
by Hugo
Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback!

Regarding your issue if you are experiencing a newly introduced issue which you weren't getting in a previous version of our toolkit then this is likely a regression on our end.
We can look into this further however I will be needing to reproduce this on my end.
Feel free to provide me a code project isolating the issue and which I can run to be able to visualize this on my end please.
Since this may be private you can send this to us by contacting us directly here:

If I am to be able to assist further I would be needing the previously mentioned information.


Re: Strange exceptions on versions > 14.1.72

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2021 10:04 pm
by Macedot
Thanks Hugo!

I'll gather a simpler version of the DLL with a demo project so I can ship it to you.

Best regards!