GdPicture Plugins are specialized set-of-features extensions of GdPicture.NET toolkit Editions but they are not delivered as separate pieces of code.

All plugins binaries are physically included in our toolkit and available for all Editions except the minimal Edition : “GdPicture.NET Document Viewer SDK Edition”.

And same as the toolkits, plugins features are available for both .NET and ActiveX frameworks.

Plugins are controlled via licensing mechanism as follows:


The trial license unlocks all features and all plugins, meaning that during evaluation time you will be actually testing an “Ultimate” Edition.

We do not provide separate demo keys to selectively unlock different plugins nor different toolkit editions. Therefore, during evaluation time, it is up to you to test only the components (toolkit features and plugins features) you are looking for.


The commercial license unlocks the plugin for permanent use. But since no plugin can work independently, plugin(s) license(s) have to be purchased only in addition to the license of a toolkit edition :

  • the toolkit edition license will selectively unlock the set of features of that Edition. Please check our Comparison Matrix to see how different features are bundled into different GdPicture.NET Editions.
  • the plugin(s) license(s) will unlock the respective plugin(s)

The only .NET edition license which do not allow plugin usage is the GdPicture.NET Document Viewer SDK Edition.

The Ultimate Edition license includes all plugins licenses therefore, if purchasing an “Ultimate” you won’t need any additional plugin license.

All Plugins binaries are included in each of the following .NET editions

  • GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Ultimate Edition
  • GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Edition
  • GdPicture.NET Document Viewer SDK Edition
  • GdPicture.NET Partners Edition