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by jcliffio
Fri Jul 02, 2021 5:45 pm
Forum: DocuVieware
Topic: DocuVieware Logo - v3.1.109
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DocuVieware Logo - v3.1.109

We are currently using DocuVieware version 3.1.109 and noticed that the DocuVieware logo is now showing even though we are using a production license key. This did not seem to be the case on older versions of DocuVieware. Is this a known regression on this version and will updating to a later versio...
by jcliffio
Fri Nov 13, 2020 11:08 pm
Forum: General discussions
Topic: Linux Support
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Re: Linux Support

I would like to voice my support for this feature as well. Our .NET Core application uses GdPicture + DocuVieware heavily, to the point that it would be very difficult to separate it from the rest of the application. Our company has a goal of running everything on Linux Kubernetes clusters and we ar...