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14.2: Reinventing GdPicture.NET with our Most Important Release Yet

October 11, 2022

GdPicture.NET 14.2 introduces cross-platform support and a comprehensive set of intelligent document processing tools, making it our largest release yet. Let us show you the new features. Welcome to the new GdPicture.NET! GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware are now cross-platform New Intelligent Document Processing set of tools What are the Intelligent Document Processing technologies? Key-Value Pair extraction […]

Meet ORPALIS and Aquaforest at the PDF Days Europe 2022 in Berlin

August 24, 2022

After two years of remote sessions, the PDF Days are back for a hybrid event with a technical workshop and a conference that is also live-streamed from Berlin. This year the PDF conference is preceded by a Deep Technical Workshop led by the PDF Association CTO Peter Wyatt.The event is intended for developers and will […]

Document Layout Analysis, the Key for Document Understanding

July 13, 2022

In today’s article, we will show why a strong document layout analysis system is crucial for document understanding and Intelligent Document Processing solutions. Definitions Document Layout Analysis DLA and OCR Document Understanding What are the benefits of a good layout analysis system? The layout analysis system of Tesseract In our latest blog article, we described […]

Introduction to the New Key-Value Pair Data Extractor for the OCR Engine

June 21, 2022

We just released our first implementation of a key-value pair data extractor in the OCR engine for intelligent document understanding and processing. Let’s have a closer look at it. Key-value pair and intelligent document understanding Definitions Key-Value Pair (KVP) Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Benefits and areas of use There are only benefits… …for all industries […]

We’re Joining the PSPDFKit Team!

May 17, 2022

It’s finally official! ORPALIS is now part of the PSPDFKit team. We’re proud to join forces with the Austrian-American company, and we’re excited to present an extended offer of components and solutions to our customers. You may have noticed the announcement on all our websites, we’re adding a new step to our journey! Focusing on […]

Global Information Governance Day: Latest Trends and PDF

February 17, 2022

Organizations often find that information governance is a complex subject, as it covers a lot of domains. The PDF format can help simplify processes thanks to its many features such as digital signing, compression, redaction, encryption, and tags, to name a few. Favoring PDF/A for archives also helps with compliance as it is an ISO […]

ORPALIS Imaging Technologies: 2021 Retrospective

January 31, 2022

2022 has already started but it’s still time to reflect on 2021 and what we’ve done at ORPALIS. In this recap post, we will go over all the new features we introduced in our solutions, and what happened in our company. We wish you a great year! One year in PDF and document management In […]

New MaxiCode 2D Barcode Reading and Writing Support

January 17, 2022

You can now build applications to write and recognize 2D MaxiCode barcodes. The US postal and shipment industries use this standard to ease label recognition on packages. The MaxiCode symbology includes a robust error correction system, and the GdPicture.NET goes a step further in the recognition process thanks to research work on the preprocessing and […]

GdPicture.NET & DocuVieware Are Now Available as NuGets through

January 11, 2022

We’re happy to provide our bestseller PDF and document processing SDKs GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware as NuGet packages. We know many of you had this request for a long time 🙂 Download the GdPicture.NET NuGet package on Download the DocuVieware NuGet package on If you’re not familiar with NuGet, the best thing is to […]

Introducing PDF/A-4 Support in our PDF and Document Processing SDKs

January 6, 2022

We’re happy to provide conversion and validation support for all PDF/A versions, including the latest PDF/A-4 ISO standard (19005-4:2020) and its subsets PDF/A-4e and PDF/A-4f. Introducing conversion and validation support for a new standard generally depends on two things: a good understanding of the specification and many examples to test the engines. In the case […]