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Why GdPicture?

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GdPicture.NET is a continuously improved all-in-one toolkit: premium PDF management, hyper-compression, document imaging, image processing, forms processing, scanning, barcoding, printing, OCR, OMR, MICR, annotations and much, much more. No need to buy several products anymore, GdPicture.NET Imaging SDK does it all!

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We have 15+ years’ experience and recognized expertise in the imaging domain. We offer outstanding support to a growing community of 15 000+ developers. Our Toolkits are used in millions of installations. We’re adept of the continuous innovation model, and we are focused on innovation. How can we help you?

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We have a very flexible licensing model. If you are a big corporation or a small business, we have configurations for each situation: do you need a license for a single developer or a whole team? Do you need an offer that suits your business model? Do you need annual maintenance? Our sales team will always do its best to allow you to afford our technology at a lower cost. GdPicture.NET is royalty-free in all cases!


We develop GdPicture.NET with innovation in mind since its inception. GdPicture is built by a brilliant and passionate team of engineers and researchers. It now includes thousands of functionalities permitting to do whatever you can imagine. Our imaging SDK has become essential to build any application, and it is continually winning awards, so let us bring you the best technologies!

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