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AjaxCustomHeaders Property (DocuViewareControl)

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Specifies custom headers for the generated AJAX requests. Value must be a (properly escaped) JSON-formatted string. Default value is null.
Public Property AjaxCustomHeaders As NameValueCollection
public NameValueCollection AjaxCustomHeaders {get; set;}
For instance, for a Basic HTTP authentication scheme, using "John" and "yoko123" as username and password, the result JSON-formatted string will be "{"Authorization":"Basic Sm9objp5b2tvMTIz"}".
Several headers can be sent at the same time, so, for instance, to also send a bearer token it will then be "{"Authorization":"Basic Sm9objp5b2tvMTIz","Authorization":"Bearer mytoken123"}".
Another example using an Azure AAD Bearer Token, the JSON string will be something like "{"Authorization":"Bearer OAQABAAIAAACEfexXxjamQb3OeGQ4GugvOSt7z.....UaTzjMryYF9XBQpBi6jENMQX","x-ms-version":"2017–11–09"}".
One final example with Amazon S3 AWS Signature v4: "{"Authorization":"AWS4-HMAC-SHA256","Credential":"AKIAIOSFODNN7EXAMPLE/20130524/us-east-1/s3/aws4_request","SignedHeaders":"host;range;x-amz-date","Signature":"fe5f80f77d5fa3beca038a248ff027d0445342fe2855ddc963176630326f1024"}".
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