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GdPicture is a worldwide leader in imaging technologies.

The brand created by the French company ORPALIS provides a SDK that covers all domains of document imaging, image processing and document management. In April 2013 ORPALIS is officially recognized as Young Innovative Company by the French Ministry of Research. Thanks to its innovative technologies and its customized technical support, ORPALIS offer solutions adapted to every need and budget. Please let us know how we can help!

Based on the GdPicture technologies ORPALIS developed several applications for end-users, individuals and professionals, general public and developers: PaperScan, ORPALIS PDF Reducer and ORPALIS DICOM Viewer. They’re all available on the ORPALIS website, please come visit us here too!

ORPALIS and GdPicture.NET


We deliver high-quality, document imaging toolkits at competitive prices.
Using GdPicture SDKs, developers can quickly and easily add complex features and innovations to their software, reducing the time and cost of application development.


GdPicture SDK’s features cover all the mainstream areas of digital image processing: Acquisition, Manipulation, and Storage.


ORPALIS - GdPicture.NET Powerfull


Create professional and high-quality ECM solutions with GdPicture Imaging SDK.
Developers can easily handle a wide range of document formats, with exceptional encoding and decoding performance.


Since joining ComponentSource in 2009, GdPicture has won awards every year. The company and its flagship product GdPicture.NET are now in the top 25 bestselling publishers and products worldwide.

ORPALIS wins ComponentSource top 25 leading publishers award 2021GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Ultimate ranks in top 25 bestselling products 2021ORPALIS wins ComponentSource top 25 leading publishers award 2022GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Ultimate ranks in top 25 bestselling products 2022


Big companies or small businesses, government agencies or non-profit organizations, our customers have different needs for different projects.

GdPicture.NET is the common denominator for their imaging programs.

We thank each and every one of them for their trust. They made what GdPicture.NET is today.

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