GdPicture is a brand name of ORPALIS, the company behind the scenes.

  • By downloading and using any GdPicture software, you agree that you are not permitted to and will not decompile or reverse-engineer it.
  • GdPicture software products are provided “As Is”. You are responsible for determining the fit of these softwares into your application or deployment.
  • You can download and try for free any GdPicture software before making a purchase.
  • The GdPicture software is delivered continuously and updates are frequently released.
  • ORPALIS maintains only the current software version. Software maintenance includes bug fixes, new features, new versions and enhanced functionality.
  • Priority technical support is provided to owners of a commercial license subscription or a valid evaluation license using the current GdPicture version, or who purchased a commercial license subscription in the last twelve months. The use of any older GdPicture version continues to be governed by the product’s license agreement and copyrights.
  • Priority technical support is delivered through the helpdesk only, generally within a half of business day, to owners of a commercial license subscription or a valid evaluation license.
  • Technical support information is also available through our community forums located at https://forums.gdpicture.com.
  • We provide support for the problems which you cannot reasonably be expected to resolve by yourself. This includes any bug proven to be related to our product but excludes any code writing for your own applications development. Problems which can reasonably be expected to be resolved by yourself include issues described and published on our online wealth of resources: online guides, online forums and FAQ page of our website. Please note that response time depends on the complexity of the reported issue and/or the completeness of provided information for investigation/reproducing purposes (code snippets, files generating the issue, hardware/software environment information, and so forth). Please read our support policies.
  • ORPALIS considers unlicensed use of its GdPicture software a serious violation of all copyright laws. The company will take legal action to protect its rights if warranted. Report unlicensed use.
  • All copyrights to GdPicture software are retained by ORPALIS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.