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This function retrieves the form fields of a given page for the currently loaded document into the specified DocuVieware™ viewer.

GetPageFormFields: function (docuViewareID, pageNo)


The identifier for the DocuVieware™ instance.
The page number you want to retrieve the form fields from.

Return Value

1 if error, an array of objects otherwise. The object prototype is as follow:
   id: int,
   pageNo: int,
   properties: {
      type: int,
      left: float,
      top: float,
      width: float,
      height: float,
      id: int,
      parentId: int,
      title: string,
      value: string,
      page: int,
      isMultiline: bool,
      isChecked: bool,
      fontSize: int,
      fontFamily: string,
      fontStyle: int,
      fontColor: string,
      borderStyle: int,
      borderColor: string,
      backgroundColor: string,
      borderWidth: float,
      textAlignment: int,
      items: null,
      isMultiSelect: bool,
      visibility: int,
      children: null,
      maxLen: int,
      password: bool,
      readOnly: bool
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