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DocuVieware™ can be integrated in almost any kind of web application. Web applications not built using the ASP.NET technology require a slight interoperability layer between the two environments. This is achieved by the mean of a web service embedding DocuVieware™.

In practice, DocuVieware™ is hosted on its own Windows IIS server (with the full .NET Framework 4.6 or above) and the web application uses DocuVieware™ through a REST service. In this state of the art web application architecture, the control code is obtained on demand via the web service single base URL.

The REST service is implemented in C# using the ASP.NET Web API 2 from the .NET Framework 4.6. It contains a single POST method that will send and receive data using JSON.

This unique method takes a mandatory parameter: a configuration object to customize DocuVieware™ content, behavior and appearance. This configuration object also includes a session identifier and a control identifier. The session identifier should be the session identifier from the session mechanism your application is using. The control identifier is basically the name of the DocuVieware™ instance that will be attached to the session, usually "DocuVieware1".

Please note the content of the configuration object can be adapted to the project. This response to the POST request contains the DocuVieware™ HTML5 markup to be used within the target page in the form of a JSON object

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