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Forms Processing & OMR

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 Forms Processing and OMR Samples

Since OMR , Anchoring, and Forms Processing are not trivial tasks, we decided to include three separate demos here to explain all about these features.

  1. OMR

    Illustrates how to call the OMR detection functions of GdPicture.NET. The functions are bound to the mouse in the demo, where you can make a rectangular selection around the field, and the result of whether the field is filled or not will pop up in a message box. You can choose either box-circular shaped field, or an oval shaped one.

  2. OMR- Anchor

    Finds anchors in filled forms. You start by choosing your anchor on your template image via mouse, as well as the size of the search area.
    Load your scanned forms, and detect the location of the anchors by pressing a button.

  3. Forms Processing

    A very detailed demo that mimics a complete use case of an OMR application. It includes the features of both above demos and more. You can load a form, set up the anchor, select single fields or multiple fields which will be automatically segmented for you at your request. Choose the OMR options, like field shape, whether it has a character or not, whether to use a certain confidence percentage and the corresponding sensitivity you want to use. Choose multiple scanned documents that will be corrected together. Navigate back and forth between form settings and marking.

Available in both C# and VB.NET in the WinForm folder, also available as a compiled application in the Bin folder located in [INSTALLATION FOLDER]/Samples/.