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ResetROI Method (GdPictureImaging)

In This Topic
Resets the region of interest (ROI). The method simply clears the coordinates and the dimensions of the ROI used by this GdPictureImaging object.
Public Sub ResetROI() 
public void ResetROI()
public procedure ResetROI(); 
public function ResetROI();
public: void ResetROI(); 
void ResetROI(); 
Be aware that this method does not reset the previously set error status.
Applies a gaussian filter to a region of interest set on an image.
using (GdPictureImaging gdpictureImaging = new GdPictureImaging())
    // LoadInMemory parameter is set to true in order to be able to update the input file.
    int imageID = gdpictureImaging.CreateGdPictureImageFromFile("image_1080x720.jpg", true);
    // Setg the blur intensity of the gaussian filter.
    int kernel = 20;
    // Set the region of interest.
    gdpictureImaging.SetROI(300, 200, 500, 150);
    // Applying the gaussian filter to the ROI.
    gdpictureImaging.FxGaussian(imageID, kernel);
    // Deleting the region of interest.
    gdpictureImaging.SaveAsJPEG(imageID, "image_1080x720.jpg");
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