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Licensing in brief

  • 100% royalty free distribution with your application (we do not charge extra fee for server deployment!).
  • Free minor and medium upgrades: GdPicture.NET V10 license key will continue to be valid for all future 10.x updates of GdPicture.NET.
  • Each order includes six months free upgrade protection for major releases, e.g. from 10.x to 11.x.
  • Each order includes one year of priority support.
  • Each license entitles a specific number of developers and/or build machine to write software with access to GdPicture.NET. Please see paragraphs 4.3. and 4.4. of the EULA for further explanations and examples.
  • Annual maintenance is available for Gdpicture.NET SDK and plugins. It includes continuous technical support and all upgrades released, at the same fixed price each year. For more information, please read our Annual Maintenance Plan page.

The full version of the End User License Agreement can be found here.

Our general policies describing our upgrade policies and our software maintenance policies can be found here.

Our technical support policies can be found here.

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