Digital Signatures SDK for Web Applications

Digital Signatures SDK for Web ApplicationsAdd advanced signing support to your Web applications with a high level of security to ensure the authenticity and integrity of your PDF documents.

Create, display, and customize high-resolution digital signatures by writing, drawing, or importing an image. Add a level of security and compliance by adding a certificate. The DocuVieware digital signatures features are conveniently bundled in a customizable snap-in.

DocuVieware Signature

Digital and electronic signatures

Digital and electronic signatures can be synonyms or have different meanings depending on the country. Some refer to digital signatures in legal contexts only and use electronic in a technical context. Others use the expression “digital signatures” when a digital certificate is used.

Unless stated otherwise and to avoid any confusion, electronic and digital signatures are synonyms on our website.

Each country has laws regarding the use of digital/electronic signatures.

In the European Union, the eIDAS regulation allows three types of electronic signatures:

1. The simple electronic signature is suitable for everyday acts or those with low legal or financial consequences for the signatory. It can be drawn with the mouse, with the fingertip, or with a stylus. It can also be typed or an image of a signature.

2. The advanced electronic signature (also called digital signature in some countries) includes a digital certificate.

3. The qualified electronic/digital signature is generally used for authentic acts of notaries, lawyers, bailiffs, courts, and the like. Thus, its security criteria are comparable to those of the advanced electronic signature. Still, its procedure cannot be entirely carried out remotely: a certification authority approved by the government must verify and validate the signatory’s identity.


DocuVieware embeds the GdPicture.NET SDK and offers all the capabilities of the worldwide besteller all-in-one toolkit to your Web applications.

PDF/A compliance

Make your signed documents ready for long-term archiving by saving them to ISO-compliant PDF/A (ISO 19005).
PDF/A documents are optimized for long-term preservation and take let space as TIFF files. PDF/A files are searchable unless the file was created from a scanned document. In this case, OCR can be used to create searchable text.

Various digital certificates support

Certify documents using Modification detection & prevention (MDP).
Apply signatures using:

  • Public Key Cryptography Standard #12 containers (pfx, p12)
  • Windows certificate store
  • Smart Cards

Timestamp support

A timestamp adds additional security to documents.
DocuVieware includes RFC3161 compliant timestamp support.
Set up the timestamp information (server URL, username, password).

Multiple signatures support

Ease your workflows by adding and removing multiple signatures.


The digital signature process is based on an encryption system with a private key (which is used to sign) and a public key (to verify the signature). To ensure the highest security level, DocuVieware uses the SHA-256 hash algorithm.


Add an optional visual appearance of the signature (page, size, color, position, text, image, etc.). DocuVieware’s User Interface is fully customizable.

Demo: sign your documents online


Check our resources to set up DocuVieware and deploy it on your servers.

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Other Web Technologies: Angular, AngularJS, NodeJS, Blazor, React, Java, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, SharePoint

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