Support Policies

You can help us keeping a high reactivity to your inquiries by following the few guidelines detailed below. They will ensure the efficient communication required by a good level of service.

Before opening a support ticket we suggest to:

  • Make sure you are using the latest version GdPicture.NET.
    We constantly make fixes and improvements so your problem may have already been addressed.

What is a support ticket?

Basically, a support ticket is the means by which you let us know about possible bugs or misbehaving in GdPicture.NET SDK.
A support ticket should contain one issue directly related to the usage of GdPicture.NET SDK, according to the product documentation and the technical resources available.
In case you encounter multiple issues, please try to open one ticket for each issue.
This allows us to efficiently distribute issues among our support team, helps tracking and indexing issues and consequently reduces your waiting-for-reply time to a minimum.
Issues have to be reproducible by our support staff (as we cannot fix what we cannot see) and are not supposed to be consultant work (please see “What support cannot do” and “Consulting and personalized assistance”).
When describing a problem, please keep in mind we only know what you are telling us about it.
Therefore, please include -as precisely and specifically as possible- all relevant technical aspects (such as complete operating system information including service pack level, architecture and version) and complete step by step procedure to reproduce your issue.
If the issue cannot be reproduced using one of the many demo applications we deliver with the SDK, please create a simple and standalone sample project to reproduce it with no other references except GdPicture, keeping source code to the minimum so the project will reproduce the issue and only the issue.
Should the problem involve image files rendering (for example a PDF or a TIFF file), please attach them to the support ticket.

When is a support ticket deemed to be resolved?

Once reproduced, the fixing time depends only on the complexity of the issue you have reported.
Usually, our reactivity is measured in hours but issues found to be generated by complex causes might take days to be fixed.
In such situations, we notify the user and flag the ticket as “To be investigated”.
Fixes are included in the next upcoming minor update release (we usually publish several minor version upgrades each month).
Solved tickets are closed but a ticket can get closed even without resolution if it is out of the support service scope (please refer to “What support cannot do”).
Please also note that a ticket can get closed automatically by our helpdesk system if the communication is delayed or abandoned at some point by the user but an automatic notification email is sent to the user prior to the actual closing.
Closed tickets can be re-opened at any time by both our support staff or users, to update information on the concerned issue.

The specific case of TWAIN acquisition issues

See: TWAIN Acquisition Issues

Solutions provided by the support team

Our support staff are experts in using GdPicture.NET and know various programming languages.
However, it is impossible to provide source code in all the languages that GdPicture.NET supports.
Therefore, our support team will provide source code only for major languages such as C#, VB.NET, VB6 or C++ and will provide pseudocode for other cases, as it can be easily translated into any other language.
After your reported issue has been reproduced and confirmed, we will inform you of the outcome, including possible workarounds or fix publishing estimated date.

What free support service cannot do

  • We cannot resolve issues that cannot be reproduced in any way.
  • We cannot assist you in setting up your computer or using your programming environment.
    Each configuration is different and, as obvious as it may seem, we repeat that it is up to you to operate your own development environment.
  • We cannot correct, improve or debug your projects or write code for you (for such situations please see “Consulting and personalized assistance” below).
  • We do not provide technical assistance via phone or other remote means (such as remote desktop software).

Consulting and personalized assistance

If you have a special technical situation or special requirements that are not being covered by our free support service, please contact our Sales department to explain your needs and get a personalized quote accordingly.
We can help you with various situations such as the design of your document imaging solution using our products but we can also assist you with the development cycle.
As we can offer a very wide range of services, please get in touch with our Sales department using our Contact Form so we can discuss the possibilities.