Email SDK: Convert, Open, View, Archive EML & MSG Files

View and manipulate emails in your WinForms, Web, and Cloud applications just like you would with PDF files and images!

Process and archive emails and their attachments with full EML and MSG support.
EML is the standard format used by Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail. MSG is the extension supported by Microsoft Outlook.

Email support

Main features


EML is a shortened version of the word email. It is the standard format used by Microsoft Outlook Express, Thunderbird, and Windows Live Mail.
It was developed to comply with the standard RFC 5322, so it can be used with most email clients and applications. However, there is no specification available because it is commonly considered to be an extension of IMF (Internet Message Format) as defined in RFC 5322.
EML files are usually simple text files and can be opened in Notepad or a web browser, either by changing the extension from eml to txt or HTML, or by changing the file association to Notepad.
They store each message as a single file, and attachments can either be included as MIME content in the message or written off as a separate file, referenced from a marker in the EML file.


MSG (Microsoft Outlook Item) is the extension supported by Microsoft Outlook in the following products: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003-2013 and Microsoft Office Outlook 2003-2013. Its specification is covered by the Microsoft Interoperability Program.
The .msg file format can store a single Message object (like an email, an appointment, a contact, a task, and more), in a file. Attachment objects, are also present in the file.

Email support in GdPicture.NET

A browser is required to support EML and MSG content as input into the whole toolkit scope.

As it is the case for HTML, email support currently uses Chrome’s rendering engine to display your document with the highest accuracy, whether Chrome is installed on the machine or not.

If Chrome is already installed on your machine, no action on your part is necessary.

If it’s not the case, you have two choices:

  1. Install Google Chrome Portable in the installation folder. You can download Google Chrome Portable here.
  2. Set the path of the chrome.exe portable version with the SetWebBrowserPath() method.

Main features

PDF conversion

Convert to PDF

Convert emails and attachements in PDF. Attachements will automatically be added after the email message. If you need to archive your messages, convert them to PDF/A.

Annotation & collaboration


Add and customize a whole range of annotations and comments: highlighter, text, sticky note, link, shape, arrow, stamp, and more.

Digital signature


Secure your emails with a digital signature.



Search for words in 100+ languages with our ppowerful and innovating OCR engine.

Barcode reading & writing

Read barcodes

Recognize 1D and 2D barcodes including DataMatrixQr and Micro Qr CodePDF417, and Aztec code barcodes.



Remove sensitive and personal information (text and images) in EML and MSG files with the redaction tool.



Full printing support is available for EML and MSG files and their attachments.

All Applications

On all applications!

Full email support is available with our WinFormsWeb, and Cloud toolkits.

Email And more

And more!

Everything you do with PDFs and images, you can do it with your emails.

Try our online demo

Download your EML and MSG files and try our online demo powered by DocuVieware.

How to use

Download and install GdPicture.NET package from here.

You will find a compiled demo applications in [Install directory]\Samples\Bin\

You will find an example of a full application in [Install directory]\Samples\DotNet\GdPicture.NET 14\

You will find other code snippets within the online reference guide found here

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