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Document Viewer SDK

GdPicture Imaging SDKs provide a fully-featured and user-friendly Document Viewer for displaying Bitmaps, Metafiles, PDF, CAD, Office formats...

The GdPicture.NET Image SDK viewers include all the features you need, such as fast document displaying, text search, the ability to create highlighted regions, customized render quality, mouse pan tool, mouse auto-zoom tool, area selection tool, gif animation, the ability to catch user events and many other capabilities (see below).

Low-level functions are provided to render images on any Windows handle, DC or .NET Graphics Object.

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GdPicture.NET Document Viewing

Main features

  • Display and print documents in more than 100 formats.
  • Support for very large and very complex documents.
  • Built-in adaptive caching mechanism with user actions prediction to dramatically speed up rendering.
  • PDF, CAD, SVG, Metafile, Office formats Viewing.
  • Display documents from file, stream, memory RAW, OLE Picture, GDI+ bitmap, byte array, string…
  • Display documents from HTTP server or an FTP server.
  • Display multi-page document files with high-quality rendering.
  • Password support for encrypted documents.
  • Generate thumbnails for preview.
  • Convert viewer coordinates to document coordinates and vice-versa.
  • Display any type of image on any display device or .NET Graphics object.
  • Create highlighted regions.
  • Zoom / Stretch documents using very optimized interpolation algorithms for high-quality displaying.
  • Use custom Gamma setting to increase the visibility of an image.
  • Customize the Viewer: change the background, select border style, enable or disable the scrollbars, select the mouse action.
  • Apply any kind of Rotation or Flip to the displayed image.
  • Use the panning tool, area selection tool and auto zoom tool to perform any kind of action.
  • Scroll through multi-page TIFF or PDF files (go to next page, previous page, last page, first page or custom page number).
  • Send an image or selected pages to a printer.
  • Enable or Disable the built-in context menu that gives the end user a wide range of tools.
  • Display animated GIF images with low CPU usage.
  • Use the viewer to store any kind of object, including shapes, buttons and grids.
  • Catch any kind of event, including mouse & keyboard events, paint & display events, and zoom events.
  • And dozens of other features!

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GdPicture.NET - How to use

How to use

Download and install GdPicture.NET package from here.

You will be able to find some compiled demo applications in
[Install directory]\Samples\Bin\

You will be able to find C# and VB.NET demo applications including source code in
[Install directory]\Samples\WinForm\

You will find other code snippets within the online reference guide found here

You can find some discussions in the dedicated section of our community forums located here
Document Viewing

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 60 Days Free Trial Download GdPicture.NET Now!