Please find below answers to the most frequent sales and pre-sales questions asked by our users.
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Activation is a required step associating GdPicture.NET SDK with the computer(s) on which it is installed for development or application build purpose.
Activation prevents unauthorized use and protects you against the risks of counterfeit software.
An internet connection is necessary for the software activation.
Virtual machines mechanism is fully supported, therefore you will be able to use the same license on an unlimited number of virtual machines, at the condition that they are installed in the same computer and used by the same developer.

To activate your GdPicture.NET copy, just start the LicenseManager.exe application located in the installation folder of the software and click the “Register a key” button.

Note that evaluation keys do not need to be registered!

For all GdPicture Toolkits, the final version is the same as the evaluation version.


You can purchase a license key here.

Unlocking GdPicture.NET is easy. You have to create a LicenseManager object, then call the RegisterKey() method for each license to register.
Ensure yourself to unlock the Toolkit before using any of its functions from your application. example:

Dim LicMgr As New LicenseManager


c# example:

LicenseManager LicMgr = new LicenseManager();


Each license of GdPicture.NET (commercial or trial) entitles a specific number of developers to be in touch with our team through our helpdesk to get priority support.

Each developer with an active commercial license subscription is allowed to open up to 10 support tickets. Each developer with an active trial license is allowed to open up to 5 support tickets.
Additional support plans can be purchased separately by contacting one of our sales agents.

  1. SLA Activation
    Activating the SLA plan is an automatic process.
    If you own a commercial license,the SLA will be activated at the moment you click the “Register Key” button of the license Manager application (see: How to activate my GdPicture copy on my system).
  2. Other place to get support
    Our active forums community includes a lot of other examples and provide a code sample request section. Please, visit

In order to get a quote you have to open a Sales ticket and provide our Sales team with all information needed to issue the quote for you.

You can find an exhaustive list of supported image formats here.