MICR SDK: Read & OCR Checks

Looking for a fast and accurate MICR SDK or check reader SDK?

The GdPicture.NET MICR SDK allows decoding “CMC7” and “E-13B” characters from documents with outstanding speed and accuracy.

It can also detect and decode the MICR line from any structured document such as checks by analyzing the full page layout.

MICR stands for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition and is a standard encoding technology in Banking industry used mainly for checks.


Main features

How to use

Download and install GdPicture.NET package from here.

You will be able to find some compiled demo applications in
[Install directory]\Samples\Bin\

You will be able to find C# and VB.NET demo applications including source code in
[Install directory]\Samples\WinForm\

You will find other code snippets within the online reference guide found here

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