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Image Processing SDK

GdPicture.NET Image SDKs include over 500 comprehensive and sophisticated functions that provide image processing features for color and bitonal images such as image editing, image filters, image effects and image enhancement, supporting bitmaps with 1-bit to 128-bit color depth.

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GdPicture.NET Image Processing

GdPicture.NET Image Processing Features

Main Features

  • Resize and Scale an image using nine different interpolation algorithms.
  • Create HQ thumbnails.
  • Image filters include Per Pixel Filters, Convolution Filters, Edge Detection Filters, Bilinear Filters and Displacement Filters.
  • Effects and Filters include Median, Gaussian,Unsharp Mask, Despeckle, FloodFill, Red-eye removal, Emboss, Sharpen, Blur, Edge Detection,Twirl, Chroma Key
  • Background Removal…
  • Color anti-aliasing and smoothing.
  • Scale a bitonal bitmap to a gray bitmap.
  • Advanced image-merging support.
  • Area and region processing.
  • Standard rotations: 90°, 180°, 270°.
  • Mirror, flip and invert an image.
  • Angle rotation with 1/1000 degree increments.
  • Adjust contrast, brightness, gamma and saturation.
  • Bitonal Image Enhancement: repair characters, remove lines and fill holes.

How to use

Download and install GdPicture.NET package from here.

  • You will find some compiled demo applications in
    [Install directory]\Samples\Bin\
  • You will find C# and VB.NET demo applications including source code in
    [Install directory]\Samples\WinForm\
  • You will find other code snippets within the online reference guide found here
  • You can find some discussions about TIFF manipulation in the dedicated Image Processing section of our community forums located here
    Image Processing & Document Imaging

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