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MRC Hyper Compression SDK

The GdPicture research team is developing an innovative MRC (Mixed Raster Content) engine (aka hyper-compression) following a continuous innovation process.

This engine is producing spectacular results by automatically adjusting the tradeoff between quality and compression rate to provide top quality PDF MRC documents at the lower possible size.

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GdPicture.NET Hyper-compression

An Innovative Engine

What sets GdPicture.NET apart from its competitors is the ability to handle any kind of document including:

  • document with forms
  • photos
  • document with artistic vectors
  • and more.

It uses very elaborated adaptative document learning algorithms permitting to identify and classify any form of any nature very quickly.

PDF MRC compression helps to produce better file compression by improving the document perception, especially with characters and shapes using continuous tones.

Capabilities and benefits


  • Automatic quality adjustment of different layers.
  • Improve subsequent OCR process recognition speed and rate, if any.
  • Shape content distribution analysis to produce high-quality anti-aliased result (especially with text).
  • Produces documents with very high fidelity with the input content.
  • Automatic document cleanup with no perceptible data removal/alteration.
  • Superior contrast and color saturation preservation.
  • Efficient reconstruction of low-quality documents resulting in a better-quality output.


  • Can process any input opened by GdPicture.NET (more than 100 vector and raster formats).
  • Recognition of text, graphs, diagrams, logos, photos, drawings, stamps, signatures, marks, forms, etc.).
  • Adaptive learning of the input layout of the image/document.
  • Uses 4 different technics to detect text with spectacular accuracy.
  • Can process documents in any orientation with any skew level.


  • Can reduce any 300-DPI color document to a 20 – 60 kilobytes file (see examples below).
  • Automatic detection of the input resolution.
  • Automatically adjusts compression options based on the produced analysis metrics.


  • Fast processing.
  • Excellent mobile transfer and viewing.


File Type BEFORE hyper-compression AFTER hyper-compression (no smoothing) AFTER hyper-compression (preserve smoothing) Download for comparison
01. Text transparency

Text transparency hyper-compression


1 MB

22.9 KB

31.4 KB

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02. Letter

Text transparency hyper-compression


1.6 MB

22.2 KB

23.6 KB

Download Files For Comparison

03. Form

Form hyper-compression


1.4 MB

33.5 KB

47.4 KB

Download Files For Comparison

04. Medical document

Medical document hyper-compression


1.88 MB

52.6 KB

81.2 KB

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05. Fill-in form

Fill-in form hyper-compression


685.8 KB

47.3 KB

68.0 KB

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06. Text image

Text Image hyper-compression


533.4 KB

19.3 KB

20.8 KB

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07. Fill-in form logos

Fill-in form logos hyper-compression


629.0 KB

13.2 KB

20.3 KB

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08. Image watermark

Image watermark hyper-comrepssion


476.9 KB

41.9 KB

44.9 KB

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09. Poster color

Poster color hyper-compression


139.0 KB

25.7 KB

28.3 KB

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Try with your document

Example hyper-compression code

How to use

Download and install GdPicture.NET package from here.

You will find a compiled demo applications in
[Install directory]\Samples\Bin\

You will find C# and VB.NET demo applications including source code in
[Install directory]\Samples\WinForm\

You will find other code snippets within the online reference guide found here GdPicture.NET Guides

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