Document Scanning SDK for Web Applications

DocuVieware includes a TWAIN scanning SDK to make scanning from a web browser easy.

Capture documents from a local TWAIN scanning device and process them in your web application in a few lines of code.


  • API built on top of the best document imaging SDK of the market, taking benefit of more than 15 years of continuous research focused on innovation
  • TWAIN acquisition via the dedicated scanning snap-in. 0 configuration required
  • TWAIN acquisition via the dialog window triggered by a dedicated toolbar button
  • high & low-level API sets to customize any acquisition process entirely
  • communicate with 32-bit & 64-bit TWAIN devices
  • all acquisition options are supported via the device driver user interface or using a dedicated TWAIN JavaScript API
  • sophisticated adaptive compression mechanism using state-of-the-art algorithms to reduce the size of produced documents while maximizing quality automatically
  • tailored for high volume document scanning and maximizing the transfer rate
  • support for any transfer mode of the TWAIN specification and automatically select the one producing the best user experience based on available system resources
  • save scanned documents as PDF/A or TIFF images instantly
  • advanced document clean-up such as auto-deskew, automatic page rotation, border removals, blank page detection, and more
  • working flawlessly with all Windows browsers
  • preview scanned pages with intuitive zooming, rotating & page reorganizing tools
  • support for low bandwidth, including sophisticated fault-tolerance mechanisms
  • support for unstable TWAIN drivers using 15+years of continuous device diagnosing
  • go further by processing your document, applying OCR, read barcodes, and more


Reduced Time to Market

Reduce development time with DocuVieware: the only all-in-one SDK.
No need to add tools from other vendors as DocuVieware includes the GdPicture.NET full development suite (PDF, OCR, formats conversion & document imaging SDK).

Continuous Development and Delivery

To provide you with the latest technologies and an always up-to-date SDK, we publish weekly releases.

Ease of Use

The TWAIN specification is complex. Let us do the work and integrate web-scanning capabilities in a few lines of code! You don’t even need to target 32-bit or 64-bit devices, DocuVieware does it for you.

How to use

Acquisition from a TWAIN device is very easy and straightforward for users.

1. Installation

The very first time, DocuVieware will require the installation of a small software to connect to the TWAIN devices. This is a one-time step, once it has been installed it is silently started with Windows.

2. Triggering

DocuVieware will then be able to trigger the device driver (32-bit or 64-bit) window so you can choose the acquisition settings you need.

3. Processing

Once the acquisition process is complete, you can manage your document as you wish thanks to the 3,000 functionalities offered by the SDK.

4. Saving

Scanned documents can be saved as a PDF/A to be compliant for long-term archiving, or as a multipage TIFF document.

Demo: acquire documents from a local TWAIN scanning device


Check our resources to set up DocuVieware and deploy it on your servers.

ASP.NET Web Forms – ASP.NET MVC Razor – ASP.NET Core

Other Web Technologies: Angular, AngularJS, NodeJS, Blazor, React, Java, PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, SharePoint

Download DocuVieware and start coding!