DocuVieware Features

Build rich web document-viewing and document management applications easily, using DocuVieware’s powerful features: your users will access them via the browser only.

HTML5/AJAX control

Enjoy the fastest viewer on the market.
Load documents (PDF, SVG, Metafile, TXT or 100+ raster image formats) from any source (your computer, intranet or internet) and see them displayed in both the viewer and in thumbnails. DocuVieware provides client/server performance optimization. Have a clear and instant overview of what’s happening on your document. Modifications (including annotations) are displayed in real time in the viewer as well as in the thumbnails. Works on all platforms and devices through any HTML5 browser.

HTML5/AJAX control
File formats

File formats

DocuVieware supports more than 100 file formats including DOCX, TXT, PDF, SVG, metafile (WMF, EMF) and raster images (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, JBIG2, JPEG 2000, WEBP etc.) formats, as well as RAW camera formats. Any file can be saved as PDF and TIFF.

Document navigation

Navigate through long documents using continuous page view mode (automatically enabled in multipage documents); jump to page number, or navigate structured PDFs by clicking table-of-contents or bookmark links to instantly go to the desired section or chapter.

Document navigation
PDF Form Fields

TWAIN acquisition

Provide an easy and seamless document acquisition feature to your Windows users. They will be able to create new documents, or append content to already existing ones, with any TWAIN compliant device installed on the client machine. All acquisition options are supported and their use is very straightforward because the device driver user interface is used. See our Web scanning page.


Choose the size of your thumbnails depending on your viewing purposes.
Thumbnails sidebar is resizable so thumbnails can get regrouped.
For multipage documents, multiple page selection is possible by holding the CTRL key pressed and clicking on desired pages thumbnails. This allows printing just the selected pages (instead of the entire document) or saving them as a single document file. It also allows applying a required processing (ex: deskew, punch hole removal, etc.) on all selected pages in just one shot.

PDF Bookmarks

PDF bookmarks

View the full bookmarks tree of bookmark-structured PDF files and conveniently navigate by clicking a bookmark to go directly to that section or chapter of the document.

PDF form fields

When you display a PDF document that contains form fields you can display them as such and allow users to directly interact with them to fill in data. This feature offers a convenient way to feed a business process for both client and server side.
Form fields data can of course be accessed (read and write) server side thanks to GdPicture.NET 14.

PDF Form Fields


Add annotations to PDF or image files (100+ formats) using the appropriate tool: highlighter, rectangle, ellipse, rubber stamp, line, arrow, text, sticky note, freehand, freehand highlighter, ruler and more.
Fully customize annotations to match your needs or edit annotations: they will instantly get changed in the thumbnails, too.
Annotations can be either stored separately or burned into the file definitively.

Annotation comments

Annotations can be commented thanks to a dedicated snap-in that allows quick and easy interactions.
It brings document review capability and collaborative work on every supported document format to your own application effortless.
Just like regular annotations, comments can be either stored separately or as embedded document metadata.

Annotations Comments
Annotation Actions

Annotation actions

Annotations can be edited, removed and commented thanks to a small and handy icon strip that provides an unified experience between desktop and mobile devices.

You can also extend the built-in selected annotation action menu and add your own annotation-related actions to fit your needs and enhance your users experience.

Digital signature

Create, display, and customize high-resolution digital signatures by writing, drawing, or importing an image. Add a level of security and compliance by adding a certificate.

Multiple signatures support, timestamp, and the latest encryption algorithms are also included.

The digital signature features are bundled in a snap-in.

Digital signature
PDF redaction

PDF redaction

Remove sensitive information from PDF files with redaction features.

You can also edit the redaction area parameters, add a title and comments. Once redacted, the information cannot be retrieved.

Test our Redaction snap-in with our Custom ViewerAnnotationsGallery, and other demos.

Text selection

Text selection

Accurately select text in text searchable documents and copy to clipboard for reusing it elsewhere.
You can also directly highlight, strikeout or underline the selected text and even perform your own custom operation on it.

Selected text actions

Text selection is extended with a context menu that give direct access to several useful features like copy to clipboard, highlight, cross out or underline selection.

Add your own custom features to this context menu using the built-in API to match your business requirements and provide a rich and intuitive experience to your users.

Selected Text Actions
Area selection

Area selection

Use your mouse to select a rectangular region-of-interest on an image to apply various image filters only within the selected area.

Smooth zooming

Perform smooth zoom-in / zoom-out actions on your documents or images at your convenience.
DocuViewer provide enhanced quality zooming, particularly for zoom-out actions.

Smooth zooming


Rotate document’s view while preserving document’s quality.

File printing and saving

Print documents with or without annotations and optionally print only the pages within a page-range or a selection of pages made using CTRL + click on page thumbnail.
Save locally any loaded document or image file as single- or multipage PDF or TIFF. Make a selection of pages using CTRL + click on page thumbnail and save selection as a new file.

File printing and saving
API client-side

API client-side

Client-side API (JavaScript) allows control of all DocuViewer’s UI elements as well as document’s appearance in the viewer (ex: rotation or zooming). Check-out the Custom Toolbars live demo to see how interactions with Viewer are done via client-side API, as well as the Image Cleanup live demo to compare client-side actions (like rotate) vs. server-side custom actions (like auto-deskew or punch-hole removal).

API server-side

DocuVieware performs all processing tasks on server-side so the resources of user’s computer/mobile device remain intact.
Check out our Image Cleanup demo to see how processing is done on server via server-side API (AJAX ASP.NET).

API Server-Side
Powered by GdPicture.NET

Powered by GdPicture.NET

DocuVieware is powered by GdPicture.NET, the most complete imaging toolkit on the market. Check out the Integration page on our website to learn more about how DocuVieware and GdPicture.NET are forming together a natural synergy.

Mobile-devices friendly

DocuVieware is optimized for mobile devices display to allow best user experience on tablets and smartphones.

Mobile-devices friendly
Easy to integrate

Easy to integrate

Incorporating DocuVieware in a webpage is easy.
Just a few lines of code and it’s done.
Check out our live demo example of how DocuVieware Universal HTML5 Viewer is integrated in a blog article.

Endless web UI configuring possibilities

Control the size, color and visibility (show/hide) of all toolbar elements to create custom-designed user interfaces. Make sure to check out our Customizable Viewer live demo for toolbar styling exemplifications.

Endless Web UI


Multiple features belonging to a same feature logical group are displayed in the UI as a snap-in that you can optionally enable or disable. Check out our online demos to see different snap-ins (thumbnails, bookmarks, search, annotations, comments, redaction, digital signature) included in DocuVieware’s customizable UI.

Now you can also implement your own snap-ins that will fit your own business logic and project requirements. Check out our Barcode Recognition demo, we implemented a custom snap-in in which you can select the symbologies to detect.


DocuVieware provides flawless Unicode support in both the UI and the documents you are viewing/processing.

Automatic UI

Automatic UI localization

Default DocuVieware UI language can be automatically selected based on user’s browser settings on his computer or mobile device. Currently supported languages are: English, French, German, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Korean, Hebrew, Turkish, Slovak, Czech, Slovenian, Arabic, Romanian, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Greek, Chinese and Japanese.