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MS Office SDK

View, read, write, manage, and edit Office formats in your WinForms, WPF, and Web applications.

  • Microsoft Word OpenXML (.docx)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc)
  • Microsoft Word Template (.dotx)
  • Microsoft Word Macro-enabled Document (.docm)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls)
  • Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled Spreadsheet (.xlsm)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint OpenXML (.pptx)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Macro-Enabled Presentation (.pptm)
  • OpenDocument Text (.odt)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Plain text file (.txt)

And more to come!

Office formats support in GdPicture.NET is thread-safe and independent of applications like MS Word and
No need to add any third party plugin or software to manage your text documents.

Office Formats Support in GdPicture.NET

Main features

  • Display text, styles, formatting, and images
  • Quickly generate compact one-page previews and thumbnails of .txt, .rtf, .odt, .docx, .doc, .dotx, .docm, .xlsx, .xls, .xlsm, .pptx, ppt, and .pptm documents, and display them in any client
  • Quickly load documents with thousands of pages
  • Read from file or stream
  • PDF conversion
  • Print
  • Image conversion
  • Search text
  • Extract text
  • Any CPU: available in 32-bit & 64-bit versions
  • Can work in multi-thread applications
  • And more...

You will also find more information about support for the main office formats on these pages:


Faster processes

Office formats support in GdPicture.NET is thread safe and independent of applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice. Instead of using a single thread and a single process, your office applications are now multi-threaded and can take full advantage of multiprocessor computers.


No need to add any third party plugin or software to manage your text documents and risk security breaches, everything is managed by the SDK.

Time saving

On the contrary to user-level office applications (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice), with GdPicture.NET you don’t need to set up permissions to work in environments like ASP.NET for instance.

Office formats viewer

The DocuVieware demo below shows how office formats can be integrated into existing content.
You can fully customize the viewer and add the features you need like thumbnails, text search, annotations, comments, and more.
Check our DocuVieware website for more information.

Convert Office formats to PDF

To be shared easily and stored properly, Office formats need to be converted to PDF, and to PDF/A for long term archiving.
You can test our Office formats conversion engine with the widget below.
It is fast, reliable, maintains the original document fidelity, and can be integrated into any application.

Check our other supported formats

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