The GdPicture team recommends purchasing annual maintenance to maximize your SDK investment, guarantee access to current versions of GdPicture.NET and control your budget over the years.
With the GdPicture.NET Annual Maintenance Plan you will pay the same price each year, regardless of the pricing changes related to major upgrades.
The use of the Annual Maintenance Program requires a valid email and updated purchasing information. At the anniversary date of the purchase, a notification is sent to you by email to pay the annual subscription to the maintenance program.

Annual Maintenance includes the following:


Major, medium and minor version upgrades, including bug fixes.

Technical Support

Priority technical support via our helpdesk with an active Service Level Agreement (SLA) support plan, as described on our Support FAQ page.

Availability and Pricing

  • Annual maintenance contract is available to any current version customer.
  • Maintenance may be purchased when purchasing the original license or upgrade to current version.
  • Cost for the initial purchase is 20% of the SRP (Suggested Retail Price) of the licenses bought (SDK and/or plugin(s)).
  • Cost for the annual maintenance is 40% of the SRP of the purchased licenses (SDK and any additional plugins).
  • The annual maintenance contract guarantees the customer to pay the same fixed price each year at the anniversary date of the purchase, regardless of the pricing changes related to major upgrades.
  • Without a maintenance plan, the standard cost for upgrades is 60% of the SRP of the product being upgraded. See our policies here.

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