GdPicture.NET series of toolkits and plugins provide both .NET and ActiveX controls. Besides .NET platforms, you can use them in many other different platforms such as HTML page, Silverlight app., Visual FoxPro, Delphi, Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Access and all other IDE supporting COM/ActiveX technology.

Please do not expect different/separate packages for each of them, they are not delivered as separate entities (i.e. one for .NET and another one for ActiveX).
Everything is in one package and your license key (either demo or commercial) unlocks both .NET and ActiveX features.

ActiveX features are provided via COM Interop, located in your GdPicture.NET installation at: …\GdPicture.NET 12\Redist\COM Interop\
The installation folder also contains code samples subfolders (…\GdPicture.NET 12\samples\AnyCPU\ ) such as “HTML using com interop”, “vb6 using com interop”, “delphi using com interop” and so on.
Please read the readme.txt files where available so you quickly understand how to use COM interop.

Online Resources

You can find documentation in our reference guide, especially in the Your first application (COM/ActiveX) page.
You can browse our dedicated forum section GdPicture.NET COM Interoperability.
The Technical F.A.Q. also contains some important information.

If you are still encountering any problem by using GdPicture.NET COM/ActiveX edition within your application, feel free to create a ticket on the Community Forums or contact us via the Helpdesk Plateform.

Web Support

It is now possible to build robust cross-system web applications using the new DocuVieware KIT built on top of GdPicture.NET to load, edit, acquire any document from a simple browser.

View the online Demonstrations


Important Legal Notice

If you intend to use GdPicture.NET COM/ActiveX toolkits in a web-based application, you must know that we have a restriction regarding the use of GdPicture.NET in web pages. This is allowed only in private intranets.

You are not allowed to use GdPicture.NET COM/ActiveX based applications on any public website with public access. Please consider using DocuVieware for such purpose.

When installing the web runtime for Internet Explorer, the license agreement states:

 WARNING: If you are installing this package as end-user, you have to make sure that GdPicture.NET Web Runtime is used in a private intranet only and not on a public area.

Do not install this package if you are not using it on intranet. Using GdPicture.NET on public web page is forbidden.

You can report fraudulent usage of GdPicture.NET Web Runtime by contacting us.