GdPicture.NET SDK version 9

All-In-One Document Imaging SDK

What’s New in GdPicture.NET v.9

Toolkit Core

  • Binaries for NET Framework 4.5 available.
  • Memory usage optimization.
  • Battery of speed enhancement.
  • Better error handling.
  • Improved usercontrols appearance customization.
  • Multithreading handling improvement, especially with the ThumbnailEx control.
  • Main classes implement IDisposable interface.
  • Stream support improvement. Documents can now be loaded from non-seekable stream objects.
  • Better stream handling.
  • Temporary files creation has been avoided while loading from stream, array of bytes or string data. (Especially for usage in cloud or in sand-box).
  • Several Unicode issues fixed.
  • Improved OCR & PDF support for RTL languages such Arabic.
  • TWAIN support enhanced, especially with Citrix and remote scanners.
  • Windows 8 support.
  • Improvements on the ftp & http transfer support.
  • Improvements of the internal Image decoding engine.


  • Custom annotation support.
  • Memory usage optimization.
  • Speed Improvement.
  • New Ruler annotation object.
  • Horizontal and vertical alignment support in AnnotationText objects.
  • Improved synchronization with other GdPicture Objects (ThumbnailEx, AnnotationEditor, BookmarkTree…).
  • Added support to load and save annotations of all pages of a document from/to a single XML block.
  • Base64 encoding/decoding support. Especially for JavaScript usage.
  • Drop shadow appearance support.
  • Added SquaredBox property for AnnotationRectangle, AnnotationRectangleHighlighter and AnnotationEllipse objects.


  • PDF rasterizer can produce any Pixel format bitmap.
  • Support for linearized PDF creation (fast web view mode).
  • PDF form fields creation and edition.
  • PDF Transparency support for Rendering.
  • PDF rendering speed has been increased by 15-30% with lower memory usage.
  • PDF formfield and annotation flattening quality increased.
  • PDF now supports alpha channel when adding 32-bit ARGB bitmap (soft mask).
  • PDF Document Viewing preference support.
  • Full files attachment support (Embedded file stream).
  • Added private tag reading & writing at page level for the PDF format.
  • PDF caching mechanism improved, especially for image attributes extraction.
  • Full page labeling support.
  • Full PDF transparency support (Blend modes).
  • Graphics state stack and transformation matrix support.
  • Digital Certificate support with stamp.
  • Digital signature validation with certificate & document content checking.
  • Page duplication support.
  • Page drawing support. For example, draw the Page X of a PDF to a specified area of the page Y of another PDF.
  • Bookmark reading & writing support.
  • PDF action support.
  • Added fast page resizing/scaling for the PDF format, without quality and compression loss.
  • Interactive PDF features support: Actions, document-level navigation and more.
  • PDF files linking support, for creating and for viewing purpose.
  • PDF text extraction and annotation support improved.

ThumbnailEX Control

  • Multithreading handling improvement.
  • Improved document format detection support.
  • Owner drag & drop support.
  • Improved items rendering speed.
  • Added support for unsupported file types allowing to specify custom image. IE: an office icon
  • Added asynchronous support for item deletion, modification & insertion.
  • Improved RAW image format loading speed.

Document Imaging

  • Speed improvement of the Document Imaging Filters (AutoDeskew, Despeckle…)
  • New 8bpp and 4bpp Quantizer with very high quality, high speed and low memory usage.
  • GIF encoder enhancement to produce better quality image with dramatically speed increasing.
  • Faster image resizer on indexed bitmaps.
  • Memory usage has been dramatically decreased for document filters.
  • Better support for large tiff files (IE 4gb multipage tiff documents).
  • Dramatic increase in speed in handling editable multipage tiff & gif.
  • New blob removal filter.
  • Multipage documents are opened in read & write mode by default (at the same speed as the previous read-only mode).
  • Added new noise removal filters.
  • New sophisticated line removal filter.
  • Speed improvement of the TIFF encoder with CCITT3 & CCITT4 compression schemes.
  • Added support to create bitmap from separated Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black images.
  • New Sauvola local adaptive thresholding method with contrast normalization.
  • New function for counting the number of unique colors in an image.


  • Added option to specify barcode type to detect during 1D barcode recognition process.
  • Added option to return undecodable barcode.
  • Added option to specify the number of expected recognized barcode for 1D, Datamatrix , QRCode and PDF417 reader.
  • Increased speed & accuracy of the 1D barcode reader (speed increased between 33% and 50% according to our benchs).
  • Increased accuracy of the QR barcode reader + Unicode support.
  • Increased accuracy of the DataMatrix barcode reader .
  • Decreased memory usage.
  • New PDF417 Barcode Plugin.
  • Support for drawing Qr-Code, Datamatrix and PDF417 barcodes on bitmap and PDF.
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