GdPicture.NET SDK version 8

Mastering PDF and image files like never before!

What’s New

Managed PDF Plugin

  • Read, Edit & Write PDF documents from file, or any Stream.
  • Full support for incremental saving to preserve document content history.
  • Repair corrupted documents.
  • Pack documents and reuse existing resources to dramatically reduce file size.
  • Works very fast on large documents.
  • Strong objects serialization to produces 100% compliant and smaller PDF documents.
  • Very fast text extraction engine, on whole page or ROI.
  • Add / Extract Bitmaps & Fonts.
  • Write text with font embedding support.
  • Draw barcodes.
  • Flatten form fields and annotations.
  • Edit form fields.
  • Manage PDF annotations (create, edit, remove).
  • Support all encryption schemes for reading, and can encrypt documents in RC4 and AES 128 bits.
  • Apply security to existing or new documents.
  • Rasterize PDF pages to bitmap with high fidelity rendering and high speed.
  • DigiSign documents.
  • Merge / Split documents.
  • Swap / Delete / Append / Move / Clone / Rotate pages.
  • Full interaction with the GdViewer & the ThumbnailEx controls.
  • Edit PDF document and display updated version on a Viewer in real-time.
  • Set of low-level API to manipulate paths.
  • AnyCPU.
  • Can work in multi-thread applications.
  • And more…

XMP Annotation Plugin

  • Read & Write XMP annotation from PDF & Image.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Many sophisticated annotations such as highlighted regions, free-hand, rubber stamps, sticky notes, connected lines, embedded images, polygons, text and more…
  • Very fast rendering and manipulation.
  • Annotations collection can be loaded/saved in XML format.
  • Annotations collection can be stored as Metadata of the document.
  • Annotations can be burnt on any document.
  • Let your user to move, resize, rotate, scale any kind of annotation.
  • Fully handle annotations by code or by user interaction or by code.
  • Full support for blending.
  • Full interaction with the GdViewer object.
  • Full support for printing.
  • AnyCPU.

QR-Code Barcode Reader Plugin

  • Detects QR-Code in more than 90 different image formats, including PDF.
  • Detects multiple QR-Code barcodes from black & white, grayscale, paletized and color images.
  • Returns the string value of each QR-Code barcode recognized.
  • Detects QR-Code in more than 90 different image formats, including PDF
  • Support for ECC error correction algorithm to recognize partially destroyed symbols.
  • Fast, accurate & easy to use.
  • And more…

Change in ThumbnailEx

  • Lot of new methods, properties and events.
  • Dramatically speed increasing when many items are loaded.
  • MultiSelect support.
  • Items reordering support by Drag & Drop.

Change in ThumbnailEx

  • Speed increasing

Release Notes

In GdPicture.NET version 7 we had 2 different PDF engines (1 reader & 1 writer).
For version 8 we have built a completely new .NET library from scratch.
Therefore, all functions related to PDF manipulation of the GdPictureImaging class have been deprecated and are now in the GdPicturePDF class.

  • 100% AnyCPU SDK. GdPicture assemblies automatically work in 64-bit mode on 64 bit OS and in 32-bit mode on 32-bit OS.
  • 100% compatible with Visual basic 6, Delphi, vfp (demo applications are provided).
  • WEB support. GdPicture.NET can be used in Internet Explorer using the COM interop edition.
  • Speed improvement of the Toolkit core + battery of bug fixes.
  • Thread safe OCR engine that supports near 40 languages (now 100% of the GdPicture.NET SDK is thread safe).
  • The OCR engine can produce PDF/A with unicode characters.
  • OCR context support. Defines if the engine is processing document, single word, single character, text block, vertical text etc…
  • Full annotation support for PDF and images including sticky notes, free hand, rubber stamps, shapes and more…
  • Full managed PDF support (32 bit and 64 bit): Edit existing PDF, split & merge documents, swap pages, Edit pages, apply digital signature, uncrypt, add watermarks and barcodes etc…
  • Improvement of the AutoCrop engine.
  • Improvement of the AutoDeskew engine.
  • Improvement of the Punch Hole Removal engine filter.
  • New Form Dropout document imaging filter.
  • Asynchronous FTP/HTTP transfer support (for upload & download).
  • Improvement of the PDF rendering engine.
  • Improvement of the Forms processing Plugin accuracy & speed.
  • Huge speed improvement of the OMR detection engine.
  • Improvement of the accuracy of the 1D barcode reader engine.
  • New Subtract background filter.
  • Improvement of the speed & accuracy of the automatic page orientation detection.
  • New Bin samples.
  • New Demo applications.
  • Demo application and better support for ActiveX and WPF integration.
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