January 5, 2014 | General

GdPicture MICR SDK Preview


First of all, happy new year! Bonne année !

We wish you all the best for 2014, and we hope we’ll help you to make it great because we have plenty of new things up our sleeve for this year!


As some of you probably have seen on our other blog on the ORPALIS website, we have released a new demo to show how GdPicture can read MICR font lines from scanned Bank checks or other MICR-secured documents.
At the moment our preview is located in the Labs section of the ORPALIS website, along with other works in progress and freeware developed by our team.
You can also download it from here, or by clicking on the button below:

GdPicture MICR Preview

Currently, the GdPicture MICR demo provides support for CMC-7 fonts only.
But E-13B is in progress and will be released soon. If you want to see how it works with your own documents, please feel free to send them to us (after having redacted them leaving the MICR line readable of course).
And if you want to know all about MICR and how it all started, you can have a look at the blog article written by Bogdan!

The GdPicture Team

UPDATE (13 January 2014)
The new version including E-13B support has just been released , click here to get it.