April 7, 2010 | New Releases

GdPicture.NET 6.7 has been Released!

GdPicture.NET 6.7 has been released.

This will be probably our last major update before GdPicture.NET 64 bits !

Major improvement:

  • New PDF Reader features in the GdPictureImaging class.
  • Image extraction from PDF feature.
  • New JPEG lossless transformation features.
  • New set of TWAIN features.
  • Size of assemblies have been reduced.
  • Battery of bug fixes & speed improvement.
In the queue:
  • Annotation rendering/editing support.
  • Set of new filters.
  • OMR.
  • JBIG2 Plugin to read/write image.
  • Datamatrix barcode reader Plugin (coming next month !)
  • WIA & STA acquisition support.
  • GdPicture for SilverLight SDK.
  • Native 64 bit assemblies.
  • And lot of other features we want to keep as confidential…

Please visit the following link to get more information about this new release:

GdPicture.NET 6.7 Change History