September 13, 2010 | Important features, New events, New Releases

GdPicture.NET 7 Now Available!

Hi there!

This new GdPicture.NET 7 version has great speed improvement and memory usage optimization and is available as native 32bit version and native 64 bit version.

We added a bunch of PDF features like bookmarks, AES256 encryption, links, barcodes… And it has a brand new GdPicture JBIG2 encoder plugin!

What’s new from GdPicture.NET 6 ? It’s over there.

Upgrading from GdPicture.NET 6

If you’re already a GdPicture customer you can get a free upgrade, if you acquired GdPicture. NET 6 after March 15th 2010. To get the free update, please contact our sales department  here providing a proof of purchase.

Other GdPicture customers will be able to acquire an upgrade for a small price, upgrade paths are available from our generic order page located here.

Cheers !

The GdPicture Team