October 20, 2009 | General

GdPicture.NET is Now Thread Safe!

After a long period of intensive work, we are happy to announce that GdPicture.NET Core is now 100% Thread Safe !

Since GdPicture.NET 6.4.10 you are now available to build multi-threaded application using your favorite Imaging Toolkit 😉

Fell free to report any comment/suggestion related to multithreading usage of GdPicture.NET.

Note: This does not include the following Plugins (yet), work is in progress:

– TWAIN acquisition

– GdPicture Tesseract Plugin

– PDF Rasterizer


In the queue: GdPicture.NET 64 bit which should be available within a few months.

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What is Multithreading?

-> See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thread_(computer_science)


GdPicture.NET is a suite of document imaging toolkits delivered as .NET components enabling developers to compose, display, capture, edit and print documents into .NET applications. Features also include OCR, Barcode Recognition, PDF Viewing, TWAIN scanning and more !

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Loïc Carrère