GdPicture.NET V 7.3 Now Available

GdPicture is proud to introduce the new Punch Hole Removal Filter! It’s fast and accurate and we hope that you will enjoy it in the new GdPicture.NET v 7.3.


What else is inside?

Some of the major improvements are:

  • full JBIG2 single and multiple page reading and writing support.
  • TWAIN functions to better control Auto-Scan feature and retrieve device info.
  • Toolkit is ready for clouding usage.
  • Some speed enhancement in image parsing & rendering.

There are new methods of the GdPictureImaging class including JBIG2, TWAIN, JPEG and more.

In the ThumbnailEx features we added a mouse events control.

Many reported bugs have been fixed.

You can see the full list of the new features here.

The GdPicture Team