February 14, 2011 | New Releases

GdPicture.NET V 7.4 New Release Including OMR

We’re happy to announce two new releases: GdPicture.NET 7.4 and our last plugin, GdPicture Form Processing-OMR and Template Recognition.

What’s new in GdPicture.NET 7.4?

  • Forms Processing features
  • lots of bug fixes
  • performance improvements
  • improvements of the TIFF format support

You can find all the information here.

GdPicture Forms Processing Plugin Overview:

Template Recognition can help to align area to be processed by filters, OMR, OCR or barcode recognition. For example, if several documents are scanned of the same form, and the scanning orientation or quality is not guaranteed, the GdPicture Anchoring System can be used to specify the orientation of each document and the translation made to each document from the one where the user selected their Areas (surrounding rectangles).

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) helps to detect the content of a checkbox, fill-in-area , multiple choice examination form, or any area where highlighting is required to indicate a certain choice.

Main features:

  • accurate & fast Optical Mark Detection (OMR)
  • template recognition (Anchoring Mechanism)
  • enhance OCR zoning accuracy
  • low memory usage
  • royalty-free licensing: no distribution license required for server or desktop
  • low memory usage
  • available in 32 bit & 64 bit version
  • can work in multi-thread applications

The FAQ and pricing information related to the plugin can be found here.


The GdPicture Team