March 20, 2017 | General

Hidden Opportunities of Web Service Architecture

DocuVieware HML5 Viewer and Document Management

Benefits of Integrating DocuVieware through Web Service

With the recent multiplication of technologies, it becomes not only difficult, but also costlier, to integrate components of applications written in different programming languages. In the meantime, organizations are constantly striving to improve their efficiency, financial performance, and profitability, by allocating more resources to business process optimization.

Solutions that integrate applications or components written in different programming languages already exist. Web Service Architecture is a solution which allows an effortless integration and it can be viewed as a communication knot.

Let’s look a little further and try to analyze the benefits of integrating web service through REST API into your deployment architecture with the example of DocuVieware, the most complete document imaging toolkit on the market.

DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit is built upon the widely recognized GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK. It includes more than 3000 features that can be seamlessly integrated into document and image management applications. Needless to say, the digitalization of our society requires continuous advancement of these tools.

The tremendous growth of the Internet over the years has created a need to move from desktop to web applications, often engaging in cloud computing. At the same time, the large variety of programming languages makes the selection of the language which will be relevant in the future complicated.

Integrating DocuVieware through web service will help you to reuse the code for applications written in different languages. Since web technology advances at an unprecedented pace, tools providing a smooth transition to new technologies need to be considered.

Furthermore, the code produced can be used by developers regardless of their programming skills, which can also facilitate organizational processes in your team.

Using web service for DocuVieware is an efficient strategy to save your company’s financial resources spent on licensing, because DocuVieware royalty scheme is per-server. Allocating one server for hosting software components calling DocuVieware’s functions can reduce costs without losing any efficiency related to your applications’ performance.

Finally, DocuVieware can be integrated into microservice architecture, a set of small, independently deployed service-modules. This approach can help to share important methods with different applications, even if they are deployed on different servers. This way, you can create specific services for document and image management that can be used by different applications.

Our next blog article will provide more details on DocuVieware web service. You will get a deeper technological insight and learn how to implement DocuVieware web service into your applications.

DocuVieware is offered by ORPALIS. It can be downloaded and tested free of charge.