March 2, 2020 | Formats, General, Important features

Microsoft PowerPoint Support in GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware

Microsoft PowerPoint Support in GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware illustration

Hi Everyone,

We released PowerPoint support a couple of weeks ago, and some of you may have already tried it. In today’s article, we’ll try to explain why it is such an important feature, and the different ways you can use it in our SDK.

The format

Whether you love or hate PowerPoint presentations, the fact is that almost everyone is using them, according to the Wikipedia article and its extensive bibliography:

Since the late 1990s, PowerPoint’s market share of total world presentation software has been estimated at 95 percent by both industry and academic sources.

Or, as found in another article:

Most organisational knowledge is probably stored in PowerPoint files.

That is a lot of information to save and archive (in PDF/A, of course)…

PPTX is part of Microsoft Office Open XML specification (also known as OOXML or OpenXML) and was introduced with Office 2007. Like its text and spreadsheets counterparts (aka DOCX and XLSX), PPTX is a zipped, XML-based file format. Since Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 PPTX is the default file format when creating a new presentation.

PowerPoint is an interesting (thus challenging) format because it can be enhanced with pictures, animation, graphs, tables, and many other media files.

PowerPoint Support in GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware

Like our other Office formats PPTX support in GdPicture.NET is thread-safe and independent of applications like MS PowerPoint and

PPTX support in GdPicture.NET includes viewing, previewing, printing, converting to searchable PDF and image formats, while preserving layout, fonts, and style.

Try our PPTX to PDF converter engine with your files:

If you wish to add real-time collaborative features like annotations, comments, check our HTML5 viewer DocuVieware:

[php_everywhere instance=”viewer-pp”]

What’s next in the Office formats roadmap?

We’re enhancing our Office formats rendering and rasterizing engines weekly, so don’t forget to update your license regularly to benefit from the changes.

Support for .doc, .xls, and .ppt is coming soon!

As always, if you’re encountering any issue with your files, contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.