An active maintenance plan is required to install, use, or distribute the SDK. It also gives you access to upgrades and technical support. It is granted with the purchase for 12 months.
The use of the Annual Maintenance Program requires a valid email address and updated purchasing information. On the anniversary date of the purchase, a notification will be sent to you by email to remind you to pay the annual subscription of the maintenance program.

Annual Maintenance includes the following:


Major, medium, and minor version upgrades, including bug fixes.

Technical Support

Priority technical support via our helpdesk with an active Service Level Agreement (SLA) support plan, as described on our Support FAQ page.

Redistribution Rights

Redistribution of GdPicture.NET is granted during twelve months following the acquisition date. The maintenance contract permits to extend the redistribution rights after the twelve months following the acquisition date.

PassportPDF PassportPDF Plan Credits

Each active Maintenance Plan grants customers with a free monthly subscription to a PassportPDF Plan.

If you have an active subscription to an Annual Maintenance Plan, you get PassportPDF credits every month to explore and use PassportPDF services.

PassportPDF services include productivity Apps and REST APIs for any application development.

When you activate your PassportPDF plan, you create a new PassportPDF account, where you can start using your credits right away with no additional cost.

The amount of credits that you receive depends on the type of GdPicture Annual Maintenance Plan you have.

When you reach the monthly cap for your credits, your PassportPDF services will stop until your next monthly credits are added unless you choose to remove the spending cap by acquiring additional credits.

Plan Credits USD per month Included with
Free 2,000 0 Free for all
Business 45,000 129 GdPicture.NET Document Imaging SDK Ultimate Annual Maintenance Plan subscription
Enterprise 120,000 249 Additional purchase
Elite 450,000 699 Additional purchase

To activate your PassportPDF Plan, you need to create a new PassportPDF account.

To create your account, please go to

Click on the Signup button to start the login process.

When logged in, you will find on the landing page, a section that prompts you to enter your subscription code. Once the code is validated by the system you will be able to start to use your credits.

Annual Maintenance interruption and reactivation

The Annual Maintenance Plan renewal date always corresponds to the date of the initial purchase of the components or upgrades.
Missing payment for the Annual Maintenance Plan renewal leads to automatic interruption of the maintenance plan.
A customer may reactivate the Maintenance Plan within twelve months after it has been interrupted by making a payment corresponding to the Annual Maintenance Plan renewal.
An interrupted Maintenance Plan will be terminated if not reactivated within twelve months after it has been interrupted.
The annual renewal date of the reactivated Maintenance Plan corresponds to the initial purchase of components or upgrades, NOT the reactivation date.