ORPALIS Releases a Key-Value Pair Data Extractor in its OCR SDK

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ORPALIS is pleased to announce the first implementation of a key-value pair data extractor in its OCR engine for intelligent document understanding and processing.

Muret, France, June 23rd

Key-value pair extraction is at the heart of Intelligent Document Processing systems.

About 90% of all documents used by any company or organization are not structured.
As a result, extracting information from invoices, contracts, forms, bank statements, or emails can be tedious. It is also difficult to index and reuse this information elsewhere.

A KVP engine automatically extracts meaningful information from unstructured and semi-structured documents.

ORPALIS is pleased to introduce KVP extraction in its OCR engine.
Like the other OCR technologies developed in-house by the company (MICR, MRZ, OMR, contextual OCR, and more), the KVP extractor benefits from a hybrid approach that includes heuristics, mathematics, and ML capabilities.
The engine relies on adaptive layout understanding and the same underlying elements techniques as NLP technologies.