What’s new in DocuVieware 2

DocuVieware version 2 offers numerous enhancements to provide a faster display and a lower memory usage.

Release Overview

This new version brings several interesting features and quite a lot of core performance improvements. It now supports HTTPS TWAIN acquisition in every browser and it provides a new collaborative document review mechanism with a dedicated Snap-In.

Twain acquisition

Via a custom user interface, users are able to create new documents or add pages to existing documents by the mean of TWAIN acquisition for all widely used web browsers on any Windows operating systems starting with Windows Vista.

Form Fields

DocuVieware 2 introduces the support for PDF Form Fields. The fields are displayed, the user can fill the fields and the content of the fields can be save to the PDF. Finally, the server side application can read and write the content of the fields.

Event Page Transfer Ready

On the server side, it is now possible to customize the image that will be displayed to the user without affecting the actual document.

Custom Snap-In

With a custom snap-in it is possible to perfectly fit the user interface to the purpose of the application, dramatically improving the user experience. Business applications may benefit this possibility to improve the application efficiency by proposing to the user a snap-in adapted to the business process.

Page reordering

The user can reorder the pages of a document by a simple drag and drop.

Print options

By default the print option is set to “all pages”. When a page is selected, the print option is set to “current page”.

.NET Server API

New methods added to DocuViewareManager:

  • CreateDocuViewareSession
  • IsSessionAlive
  • SetupConfiguration

New methods added to DocuVieware:

  • LoadFromURI overload that allows custom HTTP headers to be sent in the request
  • GetSessionID
  • New constructor DocuVieware(string SessionID)
  • HasModifiedDocument
  • SaveAsPDF
  • SaveAsTIFF
  • GetAnnotationCount
  • GetDocumentData
  • LoadAnnotations
  • SaveAnnotations

New properties added to DocuVieware:

  • EnableAnnotationActionButtons
  • EnablePanModeButton
  • EnableSelectModeButton
  • EnableMarqueeZoomModeButton
  • AllowUpload
  • MaxPages
  • MaxDownloadSize
  • ShowSnapInButtonStrip
  • ShowSnapInCollapseButton
  • ShowSnapInPanelHeader

New properties added to PageTransferReadyEventArgs:

  • isPrint
  • isThumbnail

JavaScript Client API

New methods added to DocuViewareAPI:

  • RegisterOnAnnotationEdited
  • SetSearchSettings
  • ResetAnnotAutoCreateProperty
  • RegisterOnThumbnailsOrderChanged
  • ZoomRect
  • RegisterOnAnnotationDeleted
  • RegisterOnAreaSelected
  • RegisterOnTextSelected
  • SetMouseMode
  • GetMouseMode
  • RegisterOnTwainAcquisitionDialogAcquireButtonClick
  • RegisterOnTwainAcquisitionDialogCancelButtonClick
  • IsLoaded
  • IsTwainSupportAvailable
  • GetDocumentName
  • LoadFromUriEx
  • IsInitialized
  • GetViewerScrollLeft
  • GetViewerScrollTop
  • SetViewerScrollLeft
  • SetViewerScrollTop
  • RegisterOnFormFieldChanged
  • ZoomIN and ZoomOUT accept on error and on success callback functions