From a physical point of view,
GdPicture.NET toolkit is an all-in-one package Document Imaging SDK software.

But from a logical point of view, our software is “divided” into :

This logical separation is achieved through the commercial licensing mechanism, as a toolkit Edition commercial license selectively unlock features belonging to that given Edition while a plugin commercial license unlock the given plugin.

Please note that our evaluation (demo) licenses unlock everything, so all features and all plugins are at your disposal for testing.

Toolkit Editions are actually sets of features packaged to meet the needs of a certain scope of work.

They also constitute the core support for plugins. As plugins do not work independently they need a toolkit Edition core to be logically added-on to.

The way different features are available through different toolkit Editions is detailed in the Comparison Matrix page.

GdPicture.NET Toolkit Editions are :

Includes all features and all plugins we have ever developed. As it includes all plugins, no additional plugin license is required should you opt for this product.

Includes all developed features for core toolkit. We use the name “document” to designate both image formats and PDF.

Additional plugin license is required, should you need any of the plugins.

This Edition is only meant for viewing and printing documents (image + PDF file formats). Being exclusively oriented to document (image and PDF) viewing, this Edition is the only one not allowing plugins to be added.


PDF viewing is a toolkit-related feature (not PDF plugin-related).
Therefore, in order to view PDF files using our SDK you will need one of the following Editions:

  • Document Imaging ULTIMATE SDK Edition
  • Document Imaging SDK Edition
  • Document Viewer SDK Edition

Before evaluating or buying our products you might also be interested in reading our EULA or seeing our upgrade policies.