GdPicture.NET SDK version 12

GdPicture.NET 12 replaces the well-known GdPicture.NET 11. This brand new version of the software introduces Office Open XML related capabilities, support for PDF Layers (also known as Optional Content Group), advanced document utilities and other exciting new features.

GdPicture.NET 12 also includes optimizations of existing features and improved engines (barcode recognition and character recognition).

GdPicture.NET 12 also brings its power to DocuVieware 2. DocuVieware 2 is a new generation of HTML5 viewer and Document Imaging Kit by ORPALIS. This brand new version of DocuVieware introduces Office Open XML related capabilities, HTML5 cross-browser TWAIN acquisition for Windows, page reordering, web PDF Form Fields interaction support, a responsive toolbar and lot of optimizations permitting to increase the number of concurrent sessions on a single server.

DocuVieware 2 ecxtends web applications capabilities with brand new features and improved existing features. DocuVieware powered applications are not only HTML5 document viewer applications, they are now offering next generation user experience for interaction with documents. Create new document, add new pages, change the order of the pages, fill in PDF forms online are now operation that can be performed through the web.

See the complete list of changes below.

What’s new ?

Office Open XML Word Processing Document

GdPicture.NET 12 introduces the Office Open XML Word Processing Document support (*) for preview purpose. Thanks to this brand new feature, integrators of GdPicture.NET will be able to display a preview of DOCX files within their applications.

Please note the writing of Office Open XML Word Processing Document is also possible by the mean of the Open XML SDK distributed with GdPicture.NET.

(*) Currently available into the Ultimate edition.

Convolution filter

Integrator can now apply convolution filters with GdPicture.NET. Convolution filters are based on convolution matrix. GdPicture.NET can accept any matrix, allowing the user to apply a number of effects on the images: blurring, sharpening, edge detection, embossing, etc.

Advanced document utilities

The new class GdPictureDocumentUtilities offers several advanced document utilities.

The main document utilities are identification of the document format and preview. The GdPictureDocumentUtilities offers very fast ways to identify the document format and also to generate preview (including thumbnails and counting the number of pages).

In order to use specific fonts, the integrator can setup GdPicture.Net to use a specific font folder.

Finally, those looking for fine tuning memory usage will use the new features:

  • Dispose image
  • Empty cache
  • Force garbage collection
  • Set cache folder

PDF Layers

GdPicture.NET now supports PDF Layers, also called Optional Content Groups. Layered PDF behaves differently depending on the context. For example, you can hide a watermark when the PDF is displayed onscreen, while the watermark is always printed on the paper when the document is printed.

GdPicture.NET offers reading, writing and browsing the layers.

PDF support

The support for PDF has been improved in GdPicture.NET:

  • GdPicture.NET is now 57% faster reading a PDF
  • GdPicture.NET is now 20% faster rendering a PDF
  • GdPicture.NET is now faster generating a PDF
  • Text search and text extraction are better
  • Better support for  AES 256 encryption
  • Improved the parser speed
  • Added support for pre-multiplied alpha bitmap adding.

Also the PDF rendering has been extended to 7 types of shading out of 7 existing for PDF while it was limited to 3 types of shading before.

Previous GdPicture.NET annotation links were targeting websites. Now the annotation link has been improved so it is now possible to link to a page within the PDF.


The searchable PDF created by GdPicture.NET are now making use of True Type fonts, fixing some issues that may happen with Microsoft SharePoint and other popular ECM systems.

The accuracy and speed of the PDF-OCR engine have been dramatically improved.

Cache for system fonts

The internal cache system of GdPicture.NET has been redesigned to improve the performances of the application when handling fonts.

This new cache for system fonts dramatically reduces memory usage, reduces garbage collection time and fasten the opening of documents for the first time.

Barcode engines

The GdPicture.NET barcode reading engines have been fine tuned to reduce reading time together with improving the accuracy.

GdPicture .NET is faster reader 1D and 2D (PDF417, Data Matrix) barcodes (30% faster) and it is also more accurate when processing color and bitonal images.

Character recognition engine

The GdPicture.NET integration of Tesseract has been upgraded to the latest version of the character recognition engine.

The accuracy of the page orientation detection technology has been improved without affecting its speed.

GdPicture.NET character recognition is now faster and more accurate than ever.

The OCR accuracy with diacritic characters has been also improved.

New document image binarization

A new document image binarization algorithm has been implemented in GdPicture.NET. This new feature is an optimized version of the well-known “Bradley adaptive thresholding” algorithm.

This new binarization improves the quality of the black and white picture submitted to the engines, OCR or barcode, boosting the accuracy of the recognition. It has been optimized so has no negative impact on the speed of the recognition process.

Square box annotation

GdPicture.NET now offers the possibility to create square box custom annotations.

.NET Framework 4.6

GdPicture.NET is now distributed with a .NET Framework 4.6 version.


The following features have been added to the product:

  • Support for 8-bit reversed grayscale palette JPEG
  • support for 8-bit reversed grayscale palette JPEG 2000
  • Added gesture support into the viewers (WinForm & WPF)
  • Added internal support for Extended Image Capabilities in order to retrieve image information
  • And near than 150 others (see api change history)…

The following features have been improved in GdPicture.NET:

  • Improved the speed of JPEG for recent Windows Server systems and 64-bit systems
  • Improved OCR accuracy, speed and stability
  • Improved TWAIN scanning features and added memory transfer support
  • GdPicture.NET is now 500% faster for loading and saving JPEG files
  • Improved DICOM parser
  • Improved TIFF image parser
  • Improved RAW image support (more formats are supported)
  • GdPicture.NET is now faster decoding RAW images
  • GdPicture.NET can extract the XML from RAW images
  • GdPicture.NET has supports for a wider set of cameras
  • Improved blank page detection accuracy
  • Improved color detection accuracy
  • Improved text extraction and text search
  • Improved tiff codec, especially to reduce memory usage and improve compression for color bitmap
  • Improved the rendering speed of the viewers (GdViewer WinForm & WPF)


The GdPicture.NET COM/ActiveX version now is now compiled using .NET Framework 4.5.


The GdPicture.NET API has been slightly changed to expose new features.

New Enumerations:

  • RAWImageLoadingOptions
  • TwainPageSide

A new static class: GdPictureDocumentUtilities has been introduced. It offers the following methods:

  • AddFontFolder
  • GetDocumentFormat
  • GetDocumentFormatFromFileName
  • GetDocumentPreview
  • DisposeImage
  • EmptyCache
  • ForceGarbageCollection
  • SetCacheFolder

New methods and events have been added to the GdPicturePDF class:

  • Event: PageBitmapOcrReady
  • CreateFromText
  • CreateThumbnailHQ
  • AddFileAttachmentAnnot
  • GetFileAttachmentAnnotEmbeddedFile
  • GetFileAttachmentAnnotCreationDate
  • GetFileAttachmentAnnotFileDescription
  • GetFileAttachmentAnnotModificationDate
  • GetFileAttachmentAnnotFileName
  • GetFileAttachmentAnnotFileSize
  • GetOCGCount
  • GetOCG
  • GetOCGTitle
  • SetOCGTitle
  • GetOCGLockedState
  • SetOCGLockedState
  • GetOCGViewState
  • SetOCGViewState
  • GetOCGPrintState
  • SetOCGPrintState
  • GetOCGExportState
  • SetOCGExportState
  • GetOcgZoomMin
  • SetOCGZoomMin
  • GetOcgZoomMax
  • SetOCGZoomMax
  • GetOCGIntentView
  • SetImageOptional
  • SetFormFieldOptional
  • BeginMarkedContent
  • EndMarkedContent
  • NewOCG
  • DeleteOCG
  • IsOwnerPassword
  • new overloaded method OcrPages() to specify the number of passes
  • new overloaded method OcrPage() to specify the number of passes

Miscellaneous methods added to the GdPictureImaging class:

  • BarcodeDataMatrixReaderGetBarcodeValueRAW
  • BarcodeDataMatrixReaderGetBarcodeValueRAWBase64
  • ConvertTo1BppBradley
  • FxConvolution
  • TwainEnableMemoryTransferMode
  • TwainGetLastEndorsedString
  • TwainGetLastPageSide
  • TwainGetLastPrintedString
  • OCRTesseractGetCharWord
  • SetRawImageLoadingOptions
  • ICCExportToByteArray
  • ICCAddFromByteArray

New methods added to the AnnotationManager class:

  • ValidateAnnotations
  • InitFromFile
  • InitFromStream

New property added to the Annotation inherited classses:

  • MeasurementUnitCustomString (AnnotationRuler & AnnotationPolyRuler)

New property added to the ThumbnailEx class:

  • DefaultItemTextPrefixe

New events added to the ThumbnailEx class:

  • ControlDoubleClick (COM/ActiveX edition)
  • ControlMouseWheel (COM/ActiveX edition)
  • ControlClick (COM/ActiveX edition)
  • ControlMouseUp (COM/ActiveX edition)
  • ControlMouseDown (COM/ActiveX edition)
  • ControlMouseMove (COM/ActiveX edition)
  • ControlKeyUp (COM/ActiveX edition)
  • ControlKeyDown (COM/ActiveX edition)
  • ControlKeyPress (COM/ActiveX edition)

New Properties added to the GdViewer class:

  • AnnotationResizeRotateHandlesScale (WinForm & WPF)
  • AnnotationResizeRotateHandlesColor (WinForm & WPF)

New methods added to the GdViewer class:

  • ClearSelectedText (WinForm & WPF)
  • IsAnnoationVisibleAt (WinForm & WPF)
  • SetRegionLeftPixels(WinForm)
  • ISetRegionTopPixels (WinForm)
  • SetRegionWidthPixels (WinForm)
  • SetRegionHeightPixels (WinForm)
  • SearchText (WinForm & WPF)
  • GetTextOccurenceCountPdfGetTextOccurenceCount(WinForm & WPF)

New method added to the DocuVieware class:

  • new constructor DocuVieware(string SessionID)
  • AddCustomSnapIn
  • GetAnnotationCount
  • GetDocumentData
  • HasModifiedDocument
  • LoadAnnotations
  • LoadFromURI
  • SaveAnnotations
  • GetSessionID

New event added to the DocuVieware class:

  • PageTransferReady

New static methods added to the DocuViewareManager class:

  • CreateDocuViewareSession
  • IsSessionAlive

New properties added to the DocuVieware class:

  • EnableTwainAcquisitionButton
  • EnableAnnotationActionButtons
  • EnableThumbnailDragDrop
  • EnableFormFieldsEdition
  • EnableMarqueeZoomModeButton
  • EnableSelectModeButton
  • EnablePanModeButton
  • ShowSnapInCollapseButton
  • ShowSnapInPanelHeader
  • ShowSnapInButtonStrip
  • AllowUpload
  • MaxPages
  • MaxDownloadSize

New JavaScript methods added to the DocuVieware class:

  • TwainAcquire
  • SetThumbnailSelected
  • RegisterOnFormFieldChanged
  • RegisterOnAnnotationAdded
  • RegisterOnAnnotationDeleted
  • RegisterOnAnnotationEdited
  • RegisterOnAreaSelected
  • RegisterOnTwainAcquisitionDialogAcquireButtonClick
  • RegisterOnTwainAcquisitionDialogCancelButtonClick
  • RegisterOnTextSelected
  • RegisterOnThumbnailsOrderChanged
  • ResetAnnotAutoCreateProperty
  • GetViewerScrollLeft
  • GetViewerScrollTop
  • SetViewerScrollLeft
  • SetViewerScrollTop
  • GetDocumentName
  • LoadFromUriEx
  • IsLoaded
  • IsInitialized
  • IsTwainSupportAvailable
  • SetSearchSettings
  • ZoomRect
  • SetMouseMode
  • GetMouseMode
  • ZoomIN, ZoomOUT and ZoomRect JS functions now accept on error and on success callback functions.

  • Customers under maintenance contract or eligible to the 6-months free upgrade are able to immediately obtain they license key from the myaccount portal.
  • Upgrades can be purchased online, if you wish to obtain a quote don’t hesitate to contact us.