January 31, 2022 | General

ORPALIS Imaging Technologies: 2021 Retrospective

ORPALIS Imaging Technologies: 2021 Retrospective

2022 has already started but it’s still time to reflect on 2021 and what we’ve done at ORPALIS. In this recap post, we will go over all the new features we introduced in our solutions, and what happened in our company. We wish you a great year!

One year in PDF and document management

In 2021, our stack of technologies steadily grew with each weekly release. Our team focused a lot on OCR, PDF/A generation and validation, and PDF redaction, always with an eye on all our areas of expertise. As a result, in 2021, all our engines became stronger than ever.

Before we go into further detail, here are a few links to check our progress: 

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