July 2, 2012 | New events

Explanations on GdPicture.NET License Keys Activation

Hi folks,

Besides SLA plan , another new thing we have introduced starting with GdPicture.NET v.9 is license keys activation mechanism.

License activation actually links your GdPicture.NET product(s) license(s) with the machine(s) on which it has been installed for development purposes, in order to prevent un-authorized use and to protect our users from counterfeit software.

Activation is done through our LicenseManager.exe tool, it requires an internet connection and it concerns both demo and commercial keys (new and upgrade licenses).
After succesfull activation (or license registration) via internet, you will have to call the RegisterKEY function from your code in order to make GdPicture.NET toolkit work within your project.

After downloading GdPicture.NET, when starting LicenseManager.exe from your installation folder, you will notice the “Request a trial key” button.
Click it, then fill in the next form in order to automatically receive a demo key (please see the 2 snapshots below).
The key will already be registered so no further actions are required from your side regarding registering.
At the same time, a SLA priority plan will be assigned to you so you will benefit from free technical support during the 60 days evaluation time.

After receiving a commercial key, please enter it in the LicenseManager.exe (“Your License Key” box), hit the “Register a key” button then fill in the next form (please see the 2 snapshots below).
Your license key will get registered and, at the same time, a SLA priority plan will be assigned to you so you will benefit from free technical support for the entire cycle of life of v.9.
Multiple-developers license-type owners only receive 1 license key but the key can be registered as many times as the number of purchased seats.

Important note: registering a license can be done only once per physical machine but the same license can be used for an unlimited number of virtual machines installed on that machine.
And should your machine(s) get changed, renewed or upgraded, you will need to re-register (re-activate) your license(s) by contacting our Support service.