July 2, 2012 | New events

Explanations on the SLA Support Plan in GdPicture.NET v.9

Hi folks,

A SLA priority support plan is automatically assigned to you at the same time than the license activation.
SLA (Support Level Agreement) priority plan allows owners of v.9 demo or commercial licenses to get priority support by contacting our Technical Support team via our Helpdesk System (tickets).
Support is free and it is available for the entire period of the trial time (60 days) for evaluators and for the entire cycle of life of v.9 for commercial keys owners.

Actually two SLA plans are available:

1- Evaluation Support Plan (one month duration)

The “countdown” starts at the moment you obtain your free evaluation key delivered through the LicenseManager.exe tool located in your GdPicture.NET installation folder, as described in the evaluation page.

2- GdPicture9 Support Plan (available as long the GdPicture.NET 9 toolkit is maintained)

This plan is automatically activated by using the “Register Key” button of the LicenseManager.exe tool to register a commercial key. For more information please read the topic “Installing & Activating GdPicture.NET” in the reference guide.

Important: Tickets without any SLA support plan will not be accepted on the helpdesk system. Also, do not forget that we provide non-priority support, code-samples by request and more through our community forums and all our reference guides are online so a wealth of resources is available on our website even for users who don’t have a SLA plan.